Baby Stuff Checklist Update -- Cause I'm Positive You're Dying to Know

Here's where we are:

  1. Crib: check
  2. Bedding: check
  3. Glider: check
  4. Stroller: check
  5. Car seat: check
  6. Clothes: like, triple check. Seriously.
  7. Diapers & wipes: check
  8. Dresser/changing table: check
  9. Diaper bag: check
  10. Breast pump: ordered
  11. Mattress & waterproof pad: ordered

Still to do:

  • Wash the baby clothes/sheets. Because I'm neurotic and worried constantly about phthalates, I wondered if my previous plan of washing all of the clothes, then anything higher than 3 mos in space bags was not a good plan. So now I'm going to wash just the NB and 0-3 mos stuff, then put everything else away, and get it out and wash it when she's ready for it. It's not like she'll grow out of her clothes over night. Well, let's hope not anyway.
  • Figure out what kind of blanket/pad to put in the Bugaboo bassinet, and put aside fears that nonorganic padding in there is not going to instantly give her cancer.

Other RIVETING non baby updates:

  • I had to return one of the hair products and instead got an extra hold gel. Me loves.
  • Sorry Robin, I have switched concealers. Bobbi Brown's three-step thing isn't doing it for me, especially since I spilled something in the step 3 product and now can only do 2 steps, and quite honestly mostly have the energy to do only step 1. I'm now using THIS (bought last year in Vegas trying to cover up a bachelorette party hangover) and freaking love it.
  • In a most exciting turn of events in our apartment, we found out that we can have our ghetto shower doors removed. They're on-top of the bathtub, which not only looks weird and they're superfluous, it's a bitch to get in and out of without stubbing toes and forget trying to get the baby bathub in there. Ain't gonna happen. So we're having the doors taken off. Kick-ass!!!
  • We go to the doc tomorrow to talk about inducing. Woo-woo! Wait, that was totally baby related. I'm hoping you'll let me off the hook. ;)


  1. I forgive you on the concealer. :) My love affair with Bobbi Brown is coming to an end, anyway. I feel like I need a whole make up make over. I just don't know where to go.

    Holy crap about the induction! I have something for you that you need before baby girl arrives! How many weeks 'til your due date? I need your address. And I promise not to send you any sex toys. ;)

  2. Phew Robin!! I was just OVER applying eye cream, then corrector, then the beige color, then sweeping the freaking powder over (which I didn't have, as you know) so I was using my other powder, which I love but looked weird under my eyes.

    I'm a big fan of Benefit cosmetics -- fun products, but I'm positive they're not anywhere near green or eco-friendly.

    What about mineral makeup? POM wears it and I think likes it? My mom tried it and went back to Chanel -- she's like that. ;)

    I'm 34 weeks but am going to encourage induction between weeks 37-38. Woo-woo!

  3. I used to love B.B. too. But I haev moved on. Sometimes I go back, but usually regret it.

    I am still wearing the Bare Escentuals. I like it. But the Aggressor (who must be gay)said that it looks too heavy on my face. But you can wear it lighter, I'm just a freak about covering my creepiness.

    Wowsers so if they induce... when???

  4. I have tried the bare escensuals, and it looks weird on me. They don't have a good match for my color and it looks kind of heavy for the coverage I need.

    Laura Mercier has a mineral foundation out now. I am thinking about checking it out.

  5. I was not a fan of the Bare Escentuals either. But then again, I hate foundation or anything like it (tinted moisturizer, etc.)

    I'm scouring the Internets for info on when they would likely induce. You know how I am. I cannot possibly wait another oh, 19 hours to find out from my own doctor, I must know right now. The word: the general rule is 38.5 weeks is the earliest. Guess when that is? Sept. 11. I do not want that to be her birthday. Sigh. I'll update you guys tomorrow with the official word from my doc.

  6. Figure out what kind of blanket/pad to put in the Bugaboo bassinet, and put aside fears that nonorganic padding in there is not going to instantly give her cancer.
    I'm actually grateful that there just was not as much information readily available back when I had my first child. Plus, the web was not like it is today. Just not as much info on being green and all that. I have to admit that I did not give it a thought when Jack was a baby. It just adds a whole other level of stuff to worry about. I am sure whatever you do or don't do will turn out okay for baby girl, but I totally get it. I would have LIVED on the internet and would have scoured every book and everything. I do that now with other stuff that pertains to my kids. I would have been totally obsessed when pregnant and when the kids were babies. Oy vey:)

  7. Absolutely don't do the space bags. You could wash them (although really not necessary you will have 3 months before you need them) and put them in pillow cases though.
    Also incase you do not know sheep skin has arsenic in it... so look for an organic cotton product... or bamboo. Bamboo is badass.

    "And I promise not to send you any sex toys. ;)"
    Oh Robin what fun are you?!

  8. Julie, it IS a wee overwhelming. People have told me all along this pregnancy, "when my mom was pregnant with us, she drank, smoke, etc." but I think about the pollutants and number of chemicals in our everyday lives now and it freaks me out -- yes, I'm not smoking and drinking, but then again, were the previous generations exposed to this much plastic, etc? We're trying to limit plastics in the house (barring space bags and ziplocs) and I'm trying really hard to convince Pete that Ajax = the devil to the respiratory system.

    So basically I'm obsessed. :)

    Thanks Mrs F! Where'd you find out about the sheepskin/arsenic connection?

  9. Heather! Elective induction? Why? Is it due to GDM? Maybe it would be better to let lil' girl in there for as long as likes? Though... I have been induced for Jonny, cause one effing week overdue was as much as I could take before being commited to a psychiatric institution.

    Me too got breast pump, it's being shipped as we speak. I am excited.

  10. Hey Alice -- yeah with the GDM the longer she's in there, the bigger (even more so than "normal" pregnancies) she gets and the more it increases the risk for stillbirth and/or a c-section. So I'm fine with inducing if the doc wants to -- really.

  11. You should be able to find that link pretty easily with any kind of goggling. I found that out a long time ago when wanting one of those little sheep skins for Kid.


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