And then I had contractions

Seriously people. I did a pretty long walk after lunch (25 minutes of small hills) and 25 minutes of walking fast after dinner and what do I get? Great blood sugar values. And contractions. Three during the post-dinner walk, which freaked me out since I was about 10 minutes from home (but I did have my phone with me).

So today I did 10 minutes of walking after lunch, and my blood sugar value was within range. Awesome. I'm aiming for 15 minutes after dinner, possibly taking Pete with me or going on the treadmill.

I talked to the nurse last night for my weekly call where I report all of my blood values, and she said my values were fine, I didn't need to go on medication (PHEW), but it would keep getting more and more challenging, and if I'm having contractions, it means I need to rest. Contractions = no good.

This afternoon is our baby shower at the office; my friend who's hosting it made me a special cake with zucchini. So sweet of her.


  1. Yeah about the medication. Scary about the contractions.

    How sweet of your co-worker to make you a special cake. :)

  2. Maybe less hill when taking a walk...
    Good for you on being able to hold on on the meds!


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