Too tired to blog

My boss has been in town, which means the days are CRAZY, and we have a big project we're working on and set to launch next week, which is consuming my time and my energy. I'm actually considering a little lie down in the nap room now, or perhaps just leaving early. I am BEAT.

Tonight -- dinner for Pete's birthday here.
Tomorrow -- laying on couch. Literally all day.
Sunday -- Repeat of Saturday. Possible dinner with boss and Pete. Pete flies to Chicago at 8 p.m.
Monday -- huge project begins at a conference. Have to wear a dress and spend time on feet. Ow.
Tuesday -- repeat Monday with our CEO speaking and major announcement with glitz and glamour. We've got 75 members of the media coming, so it's expected to be a mob scene.
Wednesday -- same as Monday, clean up crumbs from Tuesday.
Thursday -- my beloved Aunt Nancy and cousin Sarah arrive!

Have a good weekend!


  1. wait a minute... you have a nap room??!!!!?

  2. Yes! It's technically a "wellness room" for the bevy of nursing mothers we have, but I go in there, lay on the couch, turn off the lights and fall right asleep. Freaking awesome!

  3. Wait... You like won't be in the office all week then! That sucks! Who can I whine to???


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