It's hard to feel attractive when you've got stretch marks, and weigh a whopping 186.6. Really. And everyone's telling you beautiful you look and you know that what they really mean is round and fertile, cause you definitely look like that, but beautiful is not the word that comes to mind. My thighs get dimply-er every day, my arms look like someone has inflated them with a bicycle pump. My feet look like paddles. You get the gist. I'm feeling remarkably unattractive.

But tonight friends, I am getting new hair products. If you've read this blog for 3 years or 5 minutes, you should probably know by now that in my universe, if my hair looks good = everything else totally manageable. Seriously. It's one of my quirks.

I've been reluctant to spend money on products, as I've been trying to use the rest of my Bumble and Bumble Curl Creme, which I really do love but wish it had just a touch more hold. After the mixed results from trying organic/non chemically products, I'm expanding my options.

Tonight's picks: Devacurl -- barf at the name, I know. Bear with me. This lady started this salon in like 2002? 2001? in New York and wrote this book Curly Girl (Newmie you still have my copy!!). She has this "revolutionary" way to style and care for curly hair. Basically she advises not using shampoo, but using her products, called no-poo. I've tried them and meh. I get better results from my favorite shampoo, Redken Smooth Down. I've tried her other products with some success; it was hard to tell because back then (circa 2004) I was still coloring the hell out of my hair and had a TERRIBLE cut. I went to one of her licensed hair people (using the "patented design and cutting technique" in Baltimore and was underwhelmed. I also tried THIS product of hers and liked it, but as advised in the curly girl book, you can make your own with lavendar oil and water. Which of course I did; it worked pretty well as a refresher, but there wasn't enough lasting power to it -- I felt like it evaporated quickly.

Anyway, tonight I'm getting THIS product. I tried it in the store one day (cause you know I'm cheap); my curls needed a refresher, they were a bit soggy. And this stuff was amazing. And it doesn't have parabens or other icky chemicals. I figure it'll come in handy with a newborn -- no time to shower, just spritz on a bit of this and my normal clown-head at the crown, Miss Sog at the sides in the morning will get right back in line (or curl, as the case may be).

Exciting times, people.


  1. Whooo hooo!! good luck and let us know how it works out for you.

    I am getting my hair cut this evening. I'm so excited. But I can't decide whether to let her really cut it or to grow it back out. Ugh. The trials of being a woman.

    BTW, I weighed 196 the morning Kent was born...and he came two weeks early!

  2. I do have your book! I know, I totally suck. I can send it, if you'd like.:)

    I remember living with you through this "obsessed with the Curly Girl book" phase. Good times.

  3. OOO Robin, exciting about the haircut!

    And thanks. I asked the doc last week if I would keep gaining and she said it was not me, it was my hormones at this point. There's nothing I can do. I'm eating according to the diabetes diet...

    I forgot to comment back to you yesterday about driving yourself to the hospital when you went into labor with Kent -- dude! Impressive!

    You can keep it Newmie! Unless Little Girl has clown hair, and then I might need it again. She just might, you know. Pete had a BOUFFANT of hair previously.

    And those "were" good times. Remember how I'd put those ridiculous clips in my hair? Gawd.

  4. god, how i love the word bouffant

  5. Seriously Mary, it was Curly Muff to the Third. It had some SERIOUS height to it, and the poor thing was so lanky.

  6. Yippy yippy yeah yeah.
    I know how good products can turn the day around!


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