This Guy

This is my baby brudda. He's arriving tomorrow night, cause he's moving out here, and I am so freaking excited to see him I can barely stand it. Exactly four weeks ago (tomorrow), he and his fiance split up, and he expressed an interest in transferring to his company's division and lo and behold, it's very very likely going to happen. He'll be here for a week, staying at a fancy hotel and with a rental car, so it's like the best houseguest EVER. Not that he would be a burden...
It just goes to show you, what you put out in into the universe comes back to you. I'm so excited for him to be starting a new chapter of life. Yay!!


  1. That is so freaking awesome! That'd be great to have your brother out there...especially after Baby girl is born.

    Good for him to start this new adventure after what was probably a very trying time in his life.

  2. Now what does he think of this picture choice? ;)

    Very exciting stuff though! I hope it all goes well for him. I know it would be so nice to have family around.

  3. I am sorry to hear Josh is having a hard time. Hopefully this is the start of good things to come for him. BUT I think Cali is a bit far for me to do any more birthday surprises to hie workplace.;)


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