• I'm feeling much more optimistic today. As I mentioned in the previous post's comments, I'm going to follow the guidelines of the video and monitor my levels, and make adjustments if I needed.
  • I had a dream that I was doing pushups with Corinne's team. I felt like a badass. Today's task: researching if there's a difference in doing cardio vs. strength training to stabilize my blood sugar levels. I shall update you with the results when I have carefully considered the research. 
  • We got the Bugaboo last night. It was a fairly dramatic (shocking, I know!) scene, when after having the box open for approximately 3 minutes, Pete put the wheels on wrong and then declared that we'd have to just wait until today to call the help center. I melted into a crying mess -- I've been excited about the Bugaboo since literally the day I found out I was pregnant. I hemmed and hawed and polled and researched and stewed and justified and talked myself out of, then talked myself into buying it (after consulting with our financial adviser and budgeting for it). I've waited literally 7 months. I watched the UPS guy pull up and it was like Christmas. Then Pete seemingly broke it in about 3 minutes. After my crying mess, he was able to fix it, successfully assemble it and we took it for a walk. Obviously the crying mess was more about yesterday's debacle, but really, I was anticipating that seeing the Bugaboo and being able to test drive it and imagine Little Girl in it would alleviate some of the aggravation of yesterday. And in the end, it did. It drives like a dream. Yay! 
  • Pete's birthday is Friday and we're either going out to a nice dinner in Half Moon Bay, or going to see The Dark Knight. 

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    1. I'm so glad you are feeling better! Sorry about the bugaboo drama. Being pregnant is really hard.

      Are you going to see the Dark Knight because Pete wants to, or are you a fan, too? We are all about the comic book movies over here, and I typically like Batman, but I have no desire to see this one. The whole Heath Ledger thing bothers me. Their interpretation of the Joker is a bit too disturbing.

    2. Yay! Glad the Bugaboo worked out. When Sean assembled ours he thought the piece (axle) wasn't long enough for the wheels so I was starting to panic that I'd have to take it back to Babies R Us without a receipt to battle for an exchange. Thanfully, he too figured it out. I havent' taken it for a test drive, but 3 of us sat around after my shower to master all the moves of collapsing, taking the seat in and out... All it needs is an occupant!

    3. Really glad to hear that the Bugaboo worked out! I'm just impressed that he was able to put it together by himself... give me anything more complicated than a simple shelf from Ikea and I'm totally lost!

    4. I thought of you... I was walking down to the cafeteria and one of the cars in the lots had a license plate holder that says "My other vehicle is a Bugaboo"...or something very similar to it.

    5. Hola peeps!

      Robin -- we both want to see it, although the Heath Ledger element will make me sad I know it. But we both really liked Batman Begins, so we're excited to see it. Bad news is it's sold out -- good news is it's playing in IMAX. Awesome (but we'll have to wait).

      Amy -- we thought about putting the dog in it, but I was afraid she'd poop in it or bite it or something. :)

      Thanks Laura. Pete has an engineering background, so I knew he'd be able to figure it out quickly. I was just so mad when I thought he broke it. Grrrr.


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