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Well. You know I like me some drama, but yesterday was a wee too much. There was the gestational diabetes diagnosis and crying and catastrophizing on my part, there was a scheduled appointment with the financial planner, appointment with new therapist, scheduled body shop appointment for car, unscheduled need to rent a car to be able to um, drive around anywhere, and my brother's drama with job relocation/salary negotiation/being down in the dumps over failed relationship, etc.

I told Pete that last night was typically the kind of night I would have had about 3 glasses of wine with dinner. I was just AT capacity.

So I did what any sane person would do, I drew my limits: cancelled the body shop appointment, moved the financial planner appt., and provided as much advice I could to my brother without imploding (a huge feat in and of itself). Went to new therapist and decided she was not that helpful and there were far better ways to spend 1.5 hours of my time (.5 for driving over there).

I'm waiting for Kaiser to call me about the nutritionist; I called them today and said WTF please have someone call me, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be eating. I read somewhere that I should be having ONE serving of carbs (15g) in the morning and one serving of protein. I've been having fiber one + banana = FIVE FREAKING SERVINGS of carbs. People, I'm supposed to have SIX SERVINGS ALL DAY, apparently. See what I mean? I need help.

Is this why Little Girl is constantly kicking me? Because of the glucose level? If so, I will really feel bad for calling her Crackhead lately.


  1. I'm so glad you posted. I was about to send you a "you better post something" email. :)

    That is a whole lotta drama for one day! Sorry that it all fell on one day, but it sounds like you handled it really well. I have no idea what you are supposed to be eating. Hopefully they will call you soon. When is that class?

  2. BTW, "As the Fetus Turns"...hysterical

  3. I'm so proud of you for drawing the line and making limits. You can only handle so much!

    (And I drank your three glasses PLUS my three glasses last night). oops.

  4. Good for you for rescheduling things and taking a load off. It sounded like yesterday was in overload emotionally and schedule-wise.

  5. Hey ladies, thanks for the support!

    I got an email from my doc/nurses today with video links to educate me on portion sizes and what to eat. I'm making my grocery list now and am heading out to get some good food. I also might jump in the pool tonight; it's super hot here. Yick.

  6. dying to know exactly what your diet should be... it's the crazy in me ;)

  7. Mrs F, the answer is I'm not sure exactly? I think I've got the hang of it but today hasn't been the best in terms of what I planned to eat vs. what I actually ate.

    The general gist is this: 3 meals + 3 snacks a day. Each meal must have 2-3 servings of carb and at least 1 serving of protein (though more is ok). 1 carb serving = 15 g. Carbs = milk, fruit, and what you'd ordinarily think of carbs as. Each snack has to have 1 serving carb and 1 serving protein.

    I planned to eat this today:

    b: 2T natural peanut butter, 1 c strawberries
    s: 3 eggs, salsa
    l: protein, veggies and milk.
    s: string cheese and wasa and apple
    d: protein veggies and milk
    s: not sure

    But the freaking peanut butter from Whole Foods has SUGAR in it, so after carefully measuring it out and then licking the tablespoon and realizing this, I had to throw it out. So I had string cheese and strawberries and scraped the very last of the TJ's PB out of the jar (likely 1 T).

    Then came making the eggs (to pack for work). I used the TJ's 3-pepper salsa, which I adore, and was excited to make something I really liked. Then I read the label. Sugar added. Fuck. Omelet down the garbage disposal.

    So I had three eggs with feta and spinach. I feel like I'm at Atkins. I forgot to eat my carb with the omelet, so I had wasa with peanut butter (cause I didn't want to eat it alone) later.

    Then lunch rolled around and I didn't have any energy so I had pork tenderloin with some mayo in a whole wheat tortilla (counts as 2 carbs). I should have really put some veggies in there but oh well. No energy.

    Now it's time to eat my freaking snack, and I don't know what to eat. I'm annoyed.

    For dinner I'm having my fave: Baja Fresh chicken ensalada with guac, extra chicken, no chips, no cheese and (hopefully no sugar added) salsa for dressing.

    Who knows what my evening snack will be. I'm annoyed. I don't go to the class until Tuesday -- that's when I get my fun glucose meter too!

    So over this already.

  8. interesting

    so are you a dairy person in general?

  9. Lately I have been -- I've been letting myself have an iced latte every morning (free at work) -- like 10-12 oz of milk, plus milk at dinner. I know it's important to get it enough calcium, so I'm still trying to figure this out. I also figure with all this cheese, I'm predicting I'll be constipated within approximately 24 hours. Yay.

  10. Man, I'm sorry it's been aggravating. Hopefully once you have the class and know a few things that are appropriate it will be easier.

  11. Ugh. This is just what any pregnant woman needs--something to worry about and having to fine-tooth her menu. It is crazy how many things have sugar in them. Do you have to totally avoid all things with sugar? Well, I guess this will fix your sugar cravings. Not exactly the way you wanted it to go though.

    Maybe I will cut sugar out in solidarity.

    I drank lots of milk when I was pregnant. I never drank it before pregnant or after (all my dairy comes from lattes, yogurt and ice cream.) I was so sick during my pregnancies that I just ate what I could keep down...basically PB&Js with salt & vinegar chips and rice chex and occasionally a frozen celeste pizza (weird...I really liked those when I was pregnant for some odd reason.) I think it is so commendable how well you have been with your nutrition while pregnant. Really. Even your little sugar splurges are better than sitting back with a bag of cheetos and bunch of twinkies (there were always a few teens at my OB's office that would be munching these in the waiting room.)

    Good luck with all of this. I look forward to updates. We got your back momma.

  12. This is so over the top gross, but I feel I must share it to possibly spare someone else my pain. If you feel the constipation coming on, start taking a stool softener. Seriously. Constipation and the 'roids that followed were a horrible side effect of pregnancy, delivery and recovery for me. And though they shrink up to almost nothing eventually, they're around for LIFE.

    I'm thinking about you! Hang in there.


  13. Thanks ladies! I really appreciate the support!!


  14. Kate -- I just saw your comment after I posted. OWWWW! But good to know! Thanks!


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