Off the Sugar

I'm off the sugar and back to eating healthy. Please don't comment unless you can be supportive; I've discovered that my people-pleasing ways has had me conflicted over what I know I should be doing vs. what I think I should be doing to make my "audience" happy. And basically I've been torturing myself, new therapist concluded last night. So I'm back to eating how I want. Ice cream, cookies and the excess carbs aren't benefitting anyone, in fact they're probably harming Little Girl and I know they're harming me.

Also, I've thought very carefully about the things that make me crazy, and here they are:

  1. sharing my calorie counts with you
  2. blogging about my eating in specific detail
  3. blogging about my fitness in specific detail

Don't get me wrong, reading about this stuff on other people's blogs is handy as hell. But for me, likely because of my people-pleasing ways, sharing/blogging on this makes me feel like I'm reporting to you, and frankly, it seems like sometimes it's in my best blogging interest to sabotage, since it makes for much better posts. So I'm not gonna share this stuff with you anymore. Hope you're not devastated. If you want to know how I'm doing, email me.

Special thanks to Robin for helping me sort this out.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I've been doing so much better since I came to the same conclusion (thanks to you.) So right on sista!

    I'm so glad the new therapist is working out. I wish I lived in SF. We could share the therapy sessions since we seem to be on the same frickin' page. :)

    (And have you noticed how many fewer comments I've gotten since I started a drama free blog?) LOL

  2. LOL. It'll be the death of our blogs. Imagine, we'll be at our goal weights, eating clean and feeling great, and maybe we'll get off the computers and focus on real life! :)

  3. we'll be at our goal weights, eating clean and feeling great, and maybe we'll get off the computers and focus on real life! Haha. I wonder what that would be like.

  4. Seriously. I imagine my traffic will drop off, though I'm not really monitoring it anyway. I have no idea who's reading or who's not and don't really care to keep track -- for the same people pleasing reasons. I know I'll try to change my posts to be whatever gets the most traffic. Screw that. I'll just keep my blog like I want it.

  5. Well, I'll be reading it whatever you decide to blog about. It can be an all-baby, all the time blog after little girl gets here. :)

    BTW, I'm reading a book called "Fit From Within." It's pretty good. It is supposed to help you get a healthier relationship with food. I'm not as crazy as some of the people she talks about, but a lot of it makes sense and is making me think.

  6. Good to know about the book. I also watched Oprah on Friday about the Laws of Attraction and realized that if I what I want is peace about my body and all that comes with that, then peace is what I will seek. The crazy-making things have to go.

  7. Good for you!

    Of course, I will keep reading...I never cared what you ate or didn't eat as long as you feel good about yourself.

    It's much more interesting to read someone's blog when it is kept real and not "for an audience". I love reading your blog and Robin's and Mrs F's. I don't always comment though. I try to comment when I actually have something to say and not just for the sake of commenting. I want you all to know I read and enjoy your blogs so much. You know I love you guys and who knows, when my boys are back in school maybe I will actually get a blog up, too. I tend to talk/write a lot so I have been reluctant because I know I would be on the thing all the time.

  8. Hi girls. Sorry - late to this. Been busy at work.

    That law of attraction stuff really seems to help me get my head on straight when I'm bouncing around crazy thoughts. I have the DVD and watch it about every 6 months. Kinda cheesy, but it helps me stay positive and focus on being positive.

    And your blogs will still be fun when you're eating clean and feeling great. Uhm Duh - you have kids (or will soon) - that's like endless hours of free entertainment to blog about!

  9. Of course, I will keep reading...I never cared what you ate or didn't eat as long as you feel good about yourself.

    ditto to Julie.

    pregnancy just turns your world upside-down sometimes. ok. all the time. I think we just want to see you healthy and happy and able to enjoy this time as much as possible. Whether that includes sugar or less or more calories - whatever works.

  10. Katieo!!! I've missed you. I was just thinking about you today. Hope you and your family are doing well. So good to see your little picture pop up here:)

  11. I laugh that I posted today about why I WONT EVER share my workouts in great detail----I think Id bore any readers to death (and I too love Robin!:))


  12. Awww, Mizfit, you make me blush.

  13. Hi KatieO!!

    And thanks to you and Julie and POM and of course Robin.

    I feel a zillion times better off the sugar. Woo-woo!

  14. Heather - I'm glad you're finding things that work for you and the baby. I'm really proud of you for listening to your gut (no pun intended!) with eating, exercising and all the other stuff. In my vast experience (all 3+ years now) as a mother, I've found that that's what you have to go with if you want to stay sane. Hope to see you soon.


  15. I must admit I've been incredibly lax in my blog rounds these days so I don't know if something went down or not...
    Eat the way you want. I don't think anyone actually thinks you should eat crappy food (or do they?).

    Anyway I have to deal with people giving me unsolicited advice every damn day. It's just how people are. It doesn't matter what the topic or what I say or what my experience is... someone has something to add. It used to tick me off more than it does now. And I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in therapy talking about the blog and she made a good point. The blog is like a little tool that allows me to process and deal with things that happen in real life in a more removed space. I can more safely test out setting up and maintaining boundaries, etc. And it is true and that has helped me to distance myself a little bit from all the input I get.
    Comments?! Please... if something crazy happens I'll get 50... then I'll write something I think is actually interesting and I'll get 8!
    As for readership I stopped checking my stats awhile back... that does make me crazy and it does make you think you should "keep" those readers. Now I just have decided the only way I can function is to pretend that those people don't exist.

  16. OMG also watched the Oprah... and was totally thinking of you because I know how you love that one woman (Hays?). LOVED the show.

    sorry for such long comments that's what happens when your trying to avoid your real obligations ;)

  17. Hey Kate, thanks so much. I think you're absolutely right; I've learned over the course of this pregnancy that my gut instinct = generally dead on and I shouldn't poll everyone for their opinions all the time (though sometimes it's helpful).

    Mrs. F, Welcome back!! There wasn't an incident, just an influx of opinions and I felt over-exposed. I'm sure you understand...

    Re: Oprah: Actually that's the first time I've seen the Hayes lady, but Christiane Northrup was featured in the video segment, and me loves. And Martha Beck is seriously amazing.

  18. wait a minute... didn't you have a video of the Hayes woman (she's talking to Northrup) on your YouTube page?! That's where I think I'd seen her before... she didn't come across very well on Oprah.

  19. Yeah I thought she was a psychic or something. I think on my youtube page is Christiane Northrup. Have you read the Mother-Daughter wisdom book? Very interesting.


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