I'm not messin around


The dude came out yesterday and sorta fixed it. Apparently they're coming back today to fix it more. Hooray!!!


We've been calling the apartment community for about oh, 2 weeks now trying to get them to fix our air conditioning. They'd come out, look at it, and tell us that the breaker had flipped and all we need to do was open the fuse box and switch it back. Talk about fixing the symptoms, not the problem. New manager, who's name is Millie of all things, was very nice yesterday and sent someone from the actual company out to look at the roof, since it was obvious that the actual unit was um, broken. So they came out, said they put some kind of delay on the unit to prevent it from overheating, which is what was happening so they say.

Then Pete and I noticed yesterday and all night that the system seems to cycle off and simmer if you will, meaning electricity is being used but ahem, we're not getting any cool air. You know how I feel about wasting energy people...

So I've called the management company three times today, once at 9:34, once at 10:35, and once just now. The one at 10:35 was to the emergency maintenance line which I had to HOLD for 20 minutes (!!!) to the CHEESIEST hold music ever. I leave a message. They say they'll have someone contact us right away.

People, THREE HOURS LATER, no response. So what did I do? I called the corporate office. They're calling the regional manager who hopefuly will put the smackdown on Ms. Millie. I'm not messin around.


  1. Hell hath no fury like a hot pregnant woman.

    Hope they call you soon.


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