How's the Diet Going?

It's going ok. I think I'll feel a thousand times better after my class Tuesday, and the glucose meter will help me figure out if I'm on or off track. In general I feel out of whack and a little grouchy.

I'm getting a lot of conflicting info from the stuff I'm reading on NIH and WebMD and Kaiser (my medical provider). One says to have 2-3 carb servings with every meal; the other says to limit carbs for breakfast. One says healthy fats are ok; the other says make sure fat is no more than 30% of my total diet. If I just eat protein and veggies and very few carbs, 1. I'm going to be homicidal and 2. I'm confident I'm not getting enough calories. I counted after my afternoon lunch yesterday and I was at 1200. Um................ Right. You know I hate counting calories and think I'm supposed to be around 1800-2000 (which is where I finished last night).

So I had just one carb for breakfast today, and none at my mid-morning snack, and two at lunch (1000 calories so far). I'll have one carb this afternoon, and I'm going to the Amy's baby shower today and am going to try not to give dirty looks to the people eating cake (or the cake itself). We're going to Santa Cruz for dinner, (hopefully Mexican food), where I'm going to have chicken fajitas, no rice or beans, minimal tortillas.

Exercise wise -- I'm getting a lot of mixed info on this too. You know I've been slacking on my gym time. The recommendation for GD is 30 minutes, 5 days a week. But on the Kaiser video, it says this is not the time to start going to the gym, it's about getting in extra exercise through extra walks. I hope we talk about this at my class too. I swam a few laps (ok, 5) in the pool yesterday and jumped around like a crazy person for 15 minutes or so. And we went for a walk after dinner.

In conclusion, I dunno. It's going ok.


  1. That totally sucks that they give you this news and make you wait over a week to tell you exactly what you are supposed to be doing!

  2. You did very good playing journalist, and not giving out evil eyes! You're next!!!!

  3. It really does, Robin. I'm totally confused.

    Thanks Amy -- YOU did really well as everyone related their worst-labor stories. Gawd.

  4. I'm sorry Miss Heather. That sounds really frustrating. Why can't they just give you a freakin' play by play manual of what to eat exactly?

    Yes, the dance party was so fun! We didn't want to leave the room - for more than one reason - wink wink. At least I know the rebounder is good for something. hee hee.


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