GOT THE CRIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously people. I was telling Mary today that my nesting instinct is not coinciding with shipping/product availability. The bedding ships in two weeks. The glider might not be here for another four. The crib wasn't supposed to be available...

But on a whim I checked the Ikea website to see if it was in -- loving that you can check to see there. And it was! So with Pete out of town even (!) I went and got the crib, and had people in the store help me get it off the shelf and then into the car. $108. The crib we wanted. Kick-ass.

And THEN to make things even better, I just talked to Pete and got the thumbs up to rearrange the room this weekend with the crib and the dresser. This is great because it looks like Babies R Us exploded in the room right now, and the fact we haven't washed any of the clothes or organized them by size is actually keeping me up at night. No literally, it is. So we're going to get it all organized Saturday morning, and then he'll go to work for a little bit, and I'll wash the clothes.

Or in case you're wondering, the Bugaboo makes a lovely laundry cart. I'm getting my money's worth out of this sucker.


  1. Haha! Gotta love the nesting.

  2. I forgot to write it was the last crib on the shelf!!! Thank god I went last night!

  3. yay!!!! We've had the crib and changing table, but broke down and I had to buy the bedding this week to complete it. Look for pics shortly. Got the bouncy seat...It's just such a nice feeling completing it all.
    Of course I'm sure there's a ton of other things I'm missing...

  4. HOw much longer are you going to work? You'll be able to crank through a lot of that (laundry, organizing, etc.) when you're home all day. Those clothes are so tiny you can wash a lot in the same load :)

    Once it's all organized, you will feel so much calmer.

  5. I'm working for another 6 weeks! I can't wait that long to not wash the clothes -- POM are you crazyyy?
    This is ME we're talking about; I've got a serious freaking bee in my bonnet.

  6. Oh Heather, just wait. The night before I went into labor with Kent (seriously, like 8 hours before I went into labor,) I was on my hands and knees vacuuming the little space between my bed and the nightstand. :)

    BTW, I just left POM's blog and your douchebag comment cracked me up. I love that you use the word douchebag.


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