The Freaking Diabetes Class

Several caveats you should know before reading this post:
  1. I'm a know-it-all. I admit it. I take great pleasure in knowing alot. However, when I was diagnosed last week with GDM, I decided that I would have an open mind and listen/learn as much as I can.

  2. I deal with the news media for work, so my general job is reading news and being caught up on news. Not surprisingly, I keep up on the latest research when it comes to diet and health.

Onto the class: it was divvied up into 3 sections: 1. general info. Loved this lady. Very knowledgable and REAL. 2. how to use the glucose meter. This lady was more than a little testy and didn't have any slides or handouts for us, leaving us to take notes while literally trying to turn on, test, use the control sticks, etc. She was lightning speed, which I always appreciate more than being super slow. 3. The dietician. This is where it got hairy. Combine the two caveats above and you can probably guess what happened. I had a LOT of issues with what the dietician said. Specifically here's where:

  • You should only have three eggs a week. Um no. There's abundant research that shows that eggs are fine to eat every day.
  • 2% milk will make you fat. Again, no. It's 30 extra calories between 2% and skim. There's abundant research that shows that cutting dairy fat in milk does NOTHING for keeping weight off. She actually said 2% will make you fat. I'm not kidding.
  • To find out how many calories I should be eating, go to Are you kidding me???????????? You don't have a questionaire to help me figure out my range? Should I be counting at all? No answer on her part.
  • You should really watch your fat intake. Again, no. I'm not saying I'm having mayo and bacon every meal, but really, I'm not going to count grams of fat in avocado or natural peanut butte or olive oil. Those are healthy fats. I'm not going to eat a jar of peanut butter a day, mind you. Or even avocado every day.
  • Watch the protein intake. HELLO?????????????? What am I supposed to eat?
  • Yoplait Light yogurt is a great choice. Ok, where do I start? 1. It has a TON of chemicals in it. 2. It has high fructose corn syrup. This is in DIRECT contradiction to what she had told us earlier: avoid anything that contains any type of sugar in the first four ingredients. The HFCS is #3 on the list. I point this out, and she said you should really just count the carbs on the yogurt.
  • I should be eating THREE carb servings with every meal. What????? I thought it was 2, and one of those had to be milk.

What I DID learn in the class:

  1. I have a 20%-50% chance of developing Type 2 diabetes within the next 5-10 years. Awesome!
  2. I can't have any fruit with breakfast.
  3. A 20-minute walk after I eat is KEY for bringing blood sugar levels down. I'm hoping this works, cause I tested an hour after lunch and it was on the higher end of the range. And she wants me to be eating MORE carbs? What?

People, I'm annoyed with the misinformation presented today and I'm super annoyed that my levels were so high after a lunch I thought was OK. Dammit.


  1. ACK! Remember, trust your instincts. Is there a better source of info, maybe on the web? A support group? Any good books on the subject? The walks sound great. Thank God for the Bugaboo...:)

  2. ok, that really sucks. Something to take into consideration (i have quite a bit of experience with diabetes, btw.) Your breakfast may also have had an effect on your post lunch glucose. I think it may take a few days of eating properly for your glucose to level out.

    I'm so sorry that the dietician was not helpful. WTH!! My mom (type 2 diabetic) has a piece of fruit with her breakfast every morning, and she is controlling her diabetes beautifully. She rarely has a glucose level over 90.

    Man, that is shitty. and I totally agree with you about the milk.

  3. MP -- Trusting my instincts: I'm totally going back to what I learned on the Kaiser video. That's what annoyed me about the class the most -- you'd think the rules would be very clear cut and not subject to interpretation. Apparently not.

    Robin -- great point about the fruit this a.m. affecting my levels all day. I forgot about your knowledge of diabetes -- you're so handy! My numbers have steadily declined today -- which is a real relief. I got in 3 walks -- one with the newly assembled Bugaboo thankyouverymuch. I've got a plan for tomorrow to keep the levels lower. No fruit at breakfast, obviously. ;)

  4. Wow. So NOT what I was expecting the recommendations to be! I think there may be better resources out there for you to follow.

    ...and, if you haven't already, go to and look through their message boards.

  5. Anonymous10:19 PM

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  6. Anonymous10:24 PM

    20%-50% chance of developing Type 2 diabetes? Well numerous cases about people who exercise hard wont have Type 2 diabetes for very long ! Thats something :-)

  7. Anonymous10:29 PM

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  8. "I forgot about your knowledge of diabetes -- you're so handy!" - oh good, I didn't want to sound like a know-it-all. ;) I also didn't want you to think I was completely talking out of my ass. :)

    Glad your levels were more in line yesterday. My mom really swears by the exercise in helping her control her blood sugar.

    How is the Bugaboo?

  9. advice, for what it's you OB. Explain your issue and ask for a referral to another dietician. Maybe your doc has someone he/she has worked with in the past and trusts?

    Sounds like this woman is basing her views and opinions off of outdated info. You and the girl deserve better than that.

  10. Thanks Robin, Newmie and Anon: I'm positive I'll be in the 20% range post pregnancy. Good call about talking to my OB Newmie. At this point though, I'm just over "learning" and want to move on to taking my levels and moving on. A nurse calls me every week so I can report my levels, and if they're off, I'll make adjustments. :)

    The bugaboo rocks. We took it for a test-drive last night on our post dinner walk. Awesome.

  11. What year is she living in?
    Sorry the class sucked so, well, at least a third of it. Nothing worse than someone leading who is ill-informed, or not up-to-date in the least, which it sounds like was the case. Who really would say that 2% milk would make you fat... to a pregnant diabetic chick no less! Hello...
    For what it is worth, I agree too to take advantage of getting a referral to a nutritionist for one-on-one help if you need it. I did this in the beginning of my pregnancy too for my special dietary needs. They were pretty ok, though in the end I tend to do what feels right as long as I test okay throughout this ride. Seems you did get some very contradictory information. I don't have personal diabetes experience but my dad's side of the family, all of them, have had or do have both Type 1 and 2 diabetes. So I call shenanigans on the fruit/eggs/milk also...What are you allowed to drink?

  12. Yeah - trust your instincts. You know what is good for you and what is not. You probably know more than Miss Diatician. Tell that lady that 1984 called and wants their diet advice back!


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