Detox Report

I'm not sure what coming off heroin feels like, but I have to wonder if it's like coming off sugar. I haven't had any sugar since, I dunno, Tuesday? Well minus one very small bowl of slow-churned vanilla bean ice cream Wednesday night. Every single night AND early afternoon I have to talk myself out of a cookie or ice cream or chocolate -- AT LENGTH. It goes a little something like this:

Inner sugar junkie: I think a cookie sounds like a good idea. 
Sane me: no. 
ISJ: Ok well let's count your calories to see how you did today. See? 1600-1800? You've got room for a cookie! (Afternoon variation: You can go for a walk and burn it off!)
Sane me: NO. NO NO NO. Cause I'll only want MORE sugar if I give in. 

Repeat seriously like 75 times. We're having a BBQ today and I told Pete to get grocery store cupcakes in vanilla with sprinkles, because those absolutely do not tempt me whatsoever. I said no chocolate cupcakes -- I could very well scrape the icing off and eat the cupcake alone (not a fan of icing). He brought home two dozen cupcakes -- 1 dozen vanilla, 1 dozen chocolate (mixed in each container). I guess they didn't have just vanilla. Dammit. But I'm really trying to be strong. 

It helps that the nurse from Kaiser called yesterday to tell me I failed my gestational diabetes test. I feel like I've screwed up Little Girl already, and cried yesterday about it. :( I have to go for the 3-hour test Monday. I was supposed to go to day but with my brother here and everything else going on (new bed arriving today -- we compromised!), BBQ, etc. it just felt like too much. 

So I'm off the sugar! But man is it hard. 


  1. Heather,
    I would not worry so much about the test. I had to do the 3 hour with all of my pregnancies and nothing came of it. I was fine the babies were fine.
    You are doing great and Little Girl will be just infe.

  2. Awww, I'm so sorry about the glucose test. Like Red said, you will more than likely pass the three hour test. Try not to worry.

    I can't wait to hear about the new bed...what did y'all decide?

  3. Thanks Red! Greatly appreciated. I didn't realize how um, deep my sugar addiction was until I went off it. Dangit!!

    Thanks too Robin! I'm going for the test tomorrow instead of Monday -- with the wildfire smoke our day trip to Santa Cruz has been postponed. Oh well.

    The new bed: I wanted the firm pillowtop, he wanted the supersoft one. We compromised and got the one in the middle, and I bought boards to put in between the mattress/box spring. Ghetto = yes. But I was worried that part of my discomfort was due to pregnancy, and once my weight is back down at a reasonable level, I didn't want to hate the super firm mattress (cause I know he would have hated it already). So we compromised! And it didn't cost us any more $$.


  4. Many women fail the 1-hr test and go on to pass the 3-hr. I did w/ my 1st, and know many who did too.

    ...and look at it this way: (big) if you do fail the 3-hr and the doc suggests diet're pretty much already there!

  5. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Ever tried STEVIA ? It´s 100% natural with none side effetcs what so ever! Does Trader´s have it?

  6. Good for're a strong girl! I give in to my inner sugar junkie every time.
    And don't sweat the test yet. First: happens to lots of people. Second: not your fault. Cut yourself a break!!!!!

  7. Hey ladies, thanks. I did the 3-hour test today, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did succumb to an oatmeal raisin cookie last night and felt massively sick afterwards. I think the meat we had was bad or something; a few of us felt sick. Still feel sick today. Boooo.

  8. Stevia is not an approved artificial sweetner for pregnant women. Google it or go to the American PG Assoc. site:

  9. It didn't give the whole link:

  10. Wait. I don't understand what it means that you failed the test.
    Is everything ok?


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