The Cheese Stands Alone

Remember how I was telling you that in Norway there's a plus and minus sign on the toilet flusher? Plus was for um, more bulky things to flush, and the minus sign was just for pee?

Let's just say if I had a plus/minus sign on our toilet here, I wouldn't have had to use the plus sign since Friday.


Here's the culprit: I don't eat cheese on a regular basis. But since the diabetes diagnosis, I've been faithfully following the diet to the T (well except that trail mix binge over the weekend) and that includes eating protein every time I eat something, and eating every three hours regardless of whether I'm hungry.

My body is rebelling. I'm feeling crappy -- literally. Cheese always always always acts like cement in my digestive system. I know this, but have been trying to follow the diet.

So people, I'm cutting out the cheese. I may do one serving every other day. As for other protein sources, I'm going to get my lunch at 11, make a sandwich, eat half at 11 and eat half in the afternoon. I'm going to eat when I'm hungry, which is generally every 3-4 hours instead of every 2-3 as this "diet" -- and you know I use the term loosely because it seems so subjective and whatever the latest dietician's interpretation is -- calls for.

My instincts are dead-on -- always have been.


  1. There's a great quote from the show "House" that always makes me laugh... but I think it applies to your dilema, and hopefully will put a smile on your face...

    "Cheese... the devil's plaything"


  2. Are you allowed to increase your fiber intake? Veggies should have no impact on your sugar level so I think they would be okay.

    Also, talk to your doctor about taking Fibercon or Miralax everyday to keep your body chugging along. BOTH are very natural and work like a champ. My doc recommended them to me in the constant battle between Newmie and her digestive tract.

  3. Love it phoenixrising! Damn cheese.

    Thanks newmie! I had extra tomatoes on my sandwich today -- I'm trying to eat the watery vegetables for obvious reasons. ;)

  4. You just reminded me of another perk of pregnancy. The wonderful thing is that once you have the baby these type of things do go away. That little fact kind of surprised me as I though I was going to live the rest of my life either constipated or with heartburn or better yet, with both. I was almost as happy that those nasty symptoms were gone as I was that my little baby was born. Really.

  5. Yeah... I am not usually one to have trouble in the "+" department... so pregnancy is always tough... I make sure to eat pretty massive amounts of lettuce (not iceberg either) and it does the trick for me...
    Touchy topic though, touchy subject..


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