As Predicted

I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Yesterday my back actually hurt from laying on the sofa all day. It helped by getting into bed and sleeping for a 90-minute nap. This morning I got up, tested my blood, ate, waited to test again, then went back to bed for 2 hours. Awesome! I feel like a new lady. Pete was out of town last night, and I have to say, having the bed to myself freaking rules. Sorry Pete if you're reading. He's out of town until Thursday -- I'm trying to make myself stay on my side of the bed so I don't get too spoiled and all hell breaks loose when he comes home. 

I will have to confess that I got a wicked chocolate craving tonight that I just couldn't talk myself out of. I went to the store and got these, and um wow, it's a good thing only 6 come in the bag (3 per serving) -- delicious! I had them with string cheese to balance out the carbs. I also bought some incredibly poopy tasting Atkins double chocolate bars. It tastes *just like* a chemistry set. I may return them. I'm like that. 

Speaking of returns, did you know that Babies R Us has the most ridiculous return policy EVER? Our friend last weekend couldn't find our registry (not sure why but whatevs) so he bought us some things I don't think we'll use. So naturally, I took them back to Babies R Us, fully prepared to get a store credit. Nope. No receipt = no return. Period. 

Am I the only one that thinks this is incredibly insane? I mean, I plan on spending more money in the store. I'm not asking for cash back. I'm considering pleading with a manager type tomorrow night about an hour before they close -- claiming that my friend couldn't find our names on the registry blah blah blah. I'm not optimistic and you know it chafes me cause you know my pet-peeve is getting ripped off. As a retaliatory measure, I took most of the stuff off of our registry, in the event someone gets a gift card, I know what to go buy. But I didn't want to have a bunch of surplus gift cards for that hell-hole. 


  1. Yeaup. BRU has gotten to be like Target w/ returns now. Not a lot you can do, unless perhaps they carry the same item at Wallyworld...then you could return it there.

    I am very glad it wasn't like that when I had my shower 2 years ago!

  2. BRus does have a bad return policy. The sad part is that their policy used to rock. When my kids were tiny, you could return anything even if you didn't have the receipt. I guess too many people were taking advantage, so they ruined it for the rest of us.

    I would also return the yucky bars. I will return anything.

    Glad you got some sleep. :)

  3. That just seems wrong that they would not even give you a store credit. It's like robbery, man. That would totally piss me off.

  4. Oh man, I had your Saturday on Sunday! I plopped myself on the couch and slept through two movies, which translates roughly from 12-5pm. I had bathroom breaks as well as a few sanck breaks, but not much else. It was heaven. Of course until I tried to go to bed last night...
    Sory about the BRU fiasco. I had heard rumors they were going to become militant. Maybe try another location? Maybe try to sneak the items on your registry and manipulate the puchased numbers, and then claim that the items really did not live up to the standards you thought online???

  5. THey suck! I had so much drama when my sis had her first. I got her a hefty gift certificate online becuase I'm an online girl. Well, she could only order online. She couldn't use it IN the store. She wanted to put it towards the crib, but the crib could only be purchase instore. SO LAME!

    And HOG that bed baby!


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