Sensitivity Training Is Clearly Needed...

Me: (self consciously in new huge maternity sweater and maternity pants, second outfit for the day because nothing fits) Does this look ok?

Pete: It looks kind of mom-ish.
WRONG ANSWER!!!! Congrats for the most insensitive thing to say, EVER! Cause I wasn't already feeling bad. Thanks for the support, jerkface!
I'm hormonal, can you tell?


  1. Note to Pete:
    the answer during pregnancy to all "how do I look questions:"

    a) not fat, that's for sure!
    b) (laughing) wow! Sometimes I forget you're pregnant honey, you are barely showing! (note: this works all the way up to the due date)
    c) perfect!
    d) Looks like you just stepped out of the pages of a Gap maternity ad!
    e) all of the above

  2. I'm actually considering sending this post to him. I'm still mad about it. :)

  3. And ps, these are so funny.

  4. Oh men. I think they will never learn. So why the heck do we even ask them?


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