Monkey Pants Reunited

I was this close to writing a post in the form of a goodbye/I want you back/love letter to my Monkey print fleece pajama pants, which I gave to Goodwill in a frantic purge after applying the rule If it doesn't make you feel fabulous, get rid of it. I heard it on TV or something and it sounded good. 

I suppose I should have used a more liberal definition of fabulous, since Monkey pants were comfy, comforting and just all in all, my favorite pajama pants. Maybe I was hallucinating when I put them in the Goodwill pile. I dunno. But I was having major donator's remorse, looking mournfully at Goodwill as I drove past each day. The worst part is for some crazy reason, I didn't give away the pajama top, so there it was taunting me each time I opened my pajama drawer: why did you give those pants away????  

Finally, I went in to Goodwill today to see if by chance they were there. They weren't, but dude, they've got some decent stuff in there. 

Anyway, I was sad. I drove home, and decided to check the tags on the top, and google it. So I typed in Aeropostale Monkey pajamas, and whaddya know, someone was selling a very similar (but not exact) pair of pajama pants new with tags, on ebay. $20 later, and me and my monkey pajama pants will be reunited in no time. I haven't been this happy with a purchase in a long time. Thank you Google. Thank you eBay!


  1. I'm so out of the loop lately with work and not much internet access...are you knocked up?
    That's awesome!!! I'm so happy for you guys :o)

  2. are you knocked up?
    LOL, Amy!

    So happy to see you'll soon be reunited with your monkey pants. :)

    I had a Mcnasty pair of pajama pants that I finally threw in the goodwill pile, but I couldn't do it until I had a new pair that I absolutely loved.

  3. You gave away your favorite pants and then promptly bought the same pair for money?! You crack me up!
    Let's just hope that the monkey-pants-seller won't miss her pants too much and ask for them back!

  4. Did you get your new pants yet?

  5. Hi Ashley! Nope, no pants yet, but I'm waiting with baited breath to get them. I'll be modeling them as soon as I get em. :)


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