Eating for Two, or in My Case, Five

Friends, I'll fill you in on my Jamaica trip later, but first things first: I decided to weigh today, because I feel absolutely whale-ish and awful in general about my body, and whaddyaknow, I've gained 10 lbs.

Let's do the math: 5 weeks today since I found out I was pregnant = 10 lbs. Are you stunned with my ability to gain weight? Here's how I did it:
  • Eat mostly carbs, particularly Trader Joe's pizza and whole grain waffles
  • Disregard portion size
  • Eat whenever you're anxious about something
  • Eat until you're pants-splitting full, way past the satisfied mark.
  • Have absolutely no handle on how many calories you're having
  • Find it perfectly fine to have french toast with butter and syrup every day on vacation
  • Stop working out completely.
Let me just remind readers that the recommended weight gain for the first trimester (I'm only in week 9) is 5 lbs. (at the most).

I've analyzed the reasons and the why and how and blah blah and the good news is I've identified why, and I'm not completely beating myself up. But the thing is, I'm going back to my old ways of eating, mini, clean meals, aiming for 1700-1800 calories a day. You'll remember that the scale did not move for months when I ate this way, and now that's my goal. More so than the weight gain, I'm positive that 31 more weeks of eating like this will make it awfully hard to go back to the old way of eating once The Wee arrives. So I'm starting again today. I've packed my mini-meals in my cooler, I've packed my gym clothes (got full clearance from my doc) and today's a new day.


  1. I will remind you that during my first trimester with Kid I gained 12 lbs... yep one pound a week.
    With Baby I gained 22 lbs... yep one pound a week plus a random 10 extra pounds(?!?!... and I was being careful with what I ate!)

    Do not stress. As you know I gained 52 lbs in 9 months and then lost 68 in the following 10 months. Eat when you need to eat... don't go crazy... and don't make yourself CRAZY.

    Everyone's body responds to pregnancy differently. It is just life.

  2. Thanks Mrs. F! I'm agree I should eat when I am hungry, but I think it's been a question of quality foods vs. garbage for the past 5 weeks. French fries + chips = garbage. Baked chicken = not garbage. I'm taking out the garbage and adding more fiber, and hoping that helps the scale at least remain steady for the next few weeks.

  3. I know telling you not to stress about the eating/weight gain/pregnancy thing is like telling Ann Coulter to keep her big mouth closed but seriously. There is a time and place to really be anal about what you are putting in your mouth. Eat what you feel like. Eat when you feel like. You know the difference between eating like that and scarfing bags of oreos and ruffles.

    You can be anal about what you feed yourself and how much of it after the Wee comes.

  4. "You can be anal about what you feed yourself and how much of it after the Wee comes."

    I gotta echo Amy on that one!

    Plus remember that you were on vacation and even without the pregs you probably would have gained a little. I know you aren't saying you are going to go crazy I'm just saying....
    Your life is going to change CHANGE as in never be the same. You can't even comprehend how crazy this really is yet. Enjoy your pregnancy. Enjoy it. Eat a little more than you would before. Eat the cake... not the whole cake... but eat the cake. You know what I'm saying. This is the only time in your life that will be like this. Even if you have more kids you'll have your first running around. There is magic and wonder going on EVERY minute. Relax and enjoy it. If you gain 30 pounds or 60 pounds it doesn't matter when you are done you are going to have to get back on track and diet either way. The only difference is for how many months.
    Don't count your calories. Just eat healthy choices as much as possible.
    Don't make my boobs make you another YouTube video! ;)

  5. Deep breaths, my dear Snakey. Stress + vacation + pregnancy freakouts = weight gain. First and foremost, you and the Wee need to be healthy. As much as your mind says "I am fat. I am fat," a lot of this stuff is normal. As much as you try to convince yourself that the weight gain is normal, 30+ years of thinking like a big girl is hard to overcome in 9 weeks of pregnancy. Cut yourself some slack.

    Love yA!

  6. Thanks everyone! Don't worry, OK? I've got a good head around the whole thing. My goal is to get my eating back on track in terms of fruits, vegetables, and protein. I'll still have treats once in a while, but I think there's a HUGE difference between eating well and gaining weight anyway vs. eating total crap, feeling like total crap, and gaining weight, which makes me feel like total crap.

    And, enjoying pregnancy = feeling good. Feeling good = eating healthy. It's my default setting. I'm not counting calories deliberately, but I have a handle on it. I didn't cry yesterday when the chicken, vegetable and brown rice lunch special turned out to be chicken, vegetable and mashed potatoes. I ate them and enjoyed them. For me it's more about eating when I'm hungry (not when I'm anxious), eating until I'm satisfied, and cutting out the garbage. I've been doing a lot of stress eating, which has made me feel really out of control, has encouraged bad habits, and of course, has contributed to the weight gain. I'm not trying to lose weight; my goal is to get my eating back on track and see what happens.

  7. my only point is the "hoping that helps the scale at least remain steady for the next few weeks" part. I hear you... I do... and I believe you too. I just also have been pregs and know that even though you know you'll gain there is always the hope that you won't or it won't be that much. And I'm just here to tell you sometimes you just gain anyway.... and now I wish I had just not let it effect me while pregs because there is enough stuff to worry about.

  8. Thanks Mrs. F! :) Although another video of your boobs WOULD be lovely...

    I read the part in WTE (the horrible book that I can't stay away from) and it said that you shouldn't try to maintain. So my new plan (are you laughing yet?) is to eat healthy and whatever happens happens.

  9. Hey Heather- Glad you are back.

    I gained 10 pounds in the first trimester of each of my pregnancies. I ate like crap and didn't work out with my first, but ate better and exercised during my second. I gained 10 more pounds with my first than my second. I think your body is just going to do what it wants regardless of what you do. I will say, I felt better when I ate better and exercised. I did treat myself, though.

    I have to second what Mrs. F said about enjoying your first pregnancy. You will never get to do it again. You won't get to lay around and sleep if you want, or just pay attention to what is going on with your body. With your second (and third...) pregnancies. There are those darn kids around who demand your attention.

    If eating right and exercising makes you happy, do it. If eating waffles with butter and syrup makes you happy, do it. You have the rest of your life to be skinny. :)

  10. All I have to add is that I have never, and I mean NEVER, been motivated to lose the weight like I was after I had the kids.

    ps, one of my friends who is teeeeeeny (5'2"), gained 75 pounds with her third. That was going to the gym every day, she even did modified lifting... And yes, she's back to her little size 4 self. (not snapback, she just busted her butt as soon as she could.)
    75 pounds.

  11. Heather -- glad you're back in the Bay Area! I need to catch up on your trip re-cap. But just in terms of this subject, having gone through 2 pregnancies in the last 3 years, I want to try and put your mind at ease (is that possible? probably not!) I now weigh less than I did before the pregnancies and I'm even down to below what my MD driver's license says (which I never changed from when I was 16!).

    Breastfeeding, lack of time to eat out of stress/boredom, and just the post-natal physical workings of your body all combine to facilitate rapid weight loss after the baby comes. I'm not one of those freaks that could get into my regular jeans before I left the hospital, but the pounds have a way of just dropping away. And even more than that, I found it was an effort to make the time or find the energy to give myself the required calories to breastfeed.

    My body was totally different after the babies of course, but in terms of what the scale said, I got to my "normal" weight pretty quickly.

    I hear you on just getting to a healthy place with your eating, and you've said that will make you feel better. But I just wanted to try to let you know that on the back end of this whole pregnancy thing, things have a way of working out fairly naturally.

    I know you already know all this, so forgive me. I just wanted to add a personal experience. And STOP reading WTE...I swear that thing just perpetuates this culture of fear around pregnancy! Stay away from it!

  12. Hey thanks KatieO and Kate! Great, great insights. It's so great to hear from women who've been there, done that. :)


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