What's Your Power Song?

As cheezola as that sounds, I really want to know. Here's why. Ever since Skwigg wrote a post about great new songs on her ipod, I can't hear that song by Matchbox Twenty without thinking of her. And everytime I read Pieces of Me, I get that damn song stuck in my head for the rest of my day. And I think about the time when on the first day of our drive out to SF, my bro and stopped at Steak n Shake and I saw a girl and her friend, driving out of the drive through, singing this song at the top of their lungs with the windows down, and I thought, wow, that looked fun.

But I digress...

So over the break I downloaded both songs to my workout playlist, and in some weird way it keeps me pumped. It also keeps me thinking about the blog and how I don't want to write that I had a crap workout, and how there are other women out there facing the same issues as me.

So tell me your I'm going to kickass! song -- I mean it, even you anonymous lurkers. Tell me your song, I'll download it and kick ass.


  1. What are YOUR songs first?

    Ok here are a few of mine, at this time (they change frequently):

    Music is my hot sex by CSS

    Stronger by Kanye (I hate him, but that is my marathon song)

    Blow the Whistle by Too Short

  2. Really? I LOVE ALL of the new Kanye album. Yes, he appears to be a whiny baby as a person...

    I should download the music is my hot sex one...

    I guess my power songs are (brace for cheese):

    Tubthumping by Chumawumba
    Anything fast by Mary J. Blige
    Van Halen's Right Now (I do not like Van Halen, but I can't hear this song without thinking of the video and they show the signs that say Right. Now. You. Could. Be. or something like that.
    Anything by Jay-Z
    Missy Elliott's Lose Control
    DMX Party Up in Here
    Fabolous's Breathe
    I really need to download Push It too, such a good song.

  3. Hmm....I like to work out to club mixes of Top 40 songs. My favorites are...

    * He wasn't man enough for me - Toni Braxton. (It reminds me of Steve)

    * "Misery Business"- Paramour

    * "Stand Up" - Ludacris

    * "Can I get a..." - Jay Z

    * "Ring the Alarm" - Beyonce

    * "Since U Been Gone" - Kelly Clarkson

  4. I like Eye of the Tiger...no seriously, I do :)

    Got your box when I came to my folks house today. Thanks a zillion! I'm wearing the banana jeans and the grey sweater right now!

    I just can't tell you how awesome you are!!!!

  5. This is a great idea!

    I was actually thinking of downloading some more music which is dangerous with the one-click action of Itunes. I'm trying to stick to a budget.

    *Anything by M.I.A. She rocks.
    *1 Thing by Amerie
    *Anthing by Rage Against the Machine
    *The Distance by Cake

  6. I would also have to say "Eye of the Tiger" and "Stronger". Also, "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas.

  7. Wait! I forgot my two faves:

    Clumsy by Fergie
    Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield

  8. So... this one is country. But it's pop-country. Does that make it okay?

    Rascal Flatts - Where You Are. Brings a huge smile to my face and makes me run faster/farther. I like pretending the lyrics are about running ("I'm a thirsty man...", "I am on my way, you're a mountain top"). And it has a good beat :)

  9. My ass kicking song is Pink-"Just Like a Pill". It has absolutely NO meaning to me, but when she belts out, "...run, just as fast as I can..." I instantly kick into high gear!

  10. Police on my back--The Clash
    Wolf Like me-TV on the Radio
    Just like Me-TSOL
    Warning--these songs RAWK


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