Weight Loss -- or lack thereof

So I guess it could appear to some readers that I'm basically schizophrenic, since I posted on the other blog that I'm increasing my calories, then decreasing my calories cause I'm mad the scale won't move.

Actually, the scale finally moved. 1.6 lbs down in four days. Not too shabby. But I'm edging my calories down anyway. This is taking too long people. I'm all for patience and 1-2 lbs a week is normal (which is not what happens most weeks with me). 


  1. okay. we need to get to the bottom of this.

    1.6 down = good. It seems your new workouts are burning more calories and maybe that is the burn level you really need to be in. It wasn't until I stepped it up to the insane level that I started melting the fat%.

  2. I really, really think I'm eating too many calories. When I did WW my calories were around 1200-1300. When I started the eat clean diet, I wasn't counting calories and when I did, I realized I wasn't eating enough (like 1,000 calories a day -- no wonder I felt light headed). I'm going to edge it down 200 calories to see what happens. I know how my body works. Corinne has everyone eat 1500-1700 because of level of exercise, but she says if the scale isn't moving, try other things. I did -- I cut out carbs at night. Check. Ate as clean as possible -- the dirtiest thing (besides the cheat meal) this week was whole-wheat eggo waffles. Seriously-- clean as a whistle this week. I'm annoyed beyond belief, and got all mad about it yesterday and realized I should just go with my intuition.

    But today's a non-workout day (my first all week) so I'm only eating 1300. Trying to keep a sane head around that one...

  3. So for most of my weight loss period I was eating 1600-1650 calories and that is WITH breastfeeding. So in reality that was 12-1300 range. In general I hate to hear that people need to go that low but I did. Once I had dropped a lot and then was working out the 6 hours of cardio a week I went up to 1800 (still w/ b'fing so really 1400). so it could very well be that you need to eat less. We are short.

  4. Really? I thought you were more at 2000?

    I mean, ALL of the times I've ever lost weight, it was when my calories were lower. I don't want to screw up my metabolism or get to my goal weight and only be able to have 1,000 calories without gaining weight for the rest of my life, but COME ON. The 1700 is obviously too much.

  5. Just wait until I get my scale in the mail. I am giong to be the most psychotic human on earth. I can't wait.

  6. It'll be great P.O.M!


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