Here's what's goin on today:

  1. I suspect I am carb-sensitive. Mrs. F also pointed this might be the case. That Mrs. F. She is enviable, I tell you. This means I limit my cabrs to breakfast only, minus vegetables. Apparently it can cause a stall in weight loss. I'm willing to try anything at this point, people. Though I'm still happy about my little loss last week.
  2. Pete is stressed/uptight/crazy about Detroit. I've informed him of my rule of One Crazy Per Household, and I'm a little miffed I was de-throned. The nerve.
  3. Talked to colleague in LA today; she was sing-songy like a little kid and really hopes "we'll be colleagues soon." I'm thinking this is a good sign, yes?
  4. I went through the mail pile last night and did not cry/explode/die. But I did need wine afterwards. And I haven't moved the piles from File, Shred, or Deal With. But I did pay the bills that needed to be paid, like my Real Simple subscription. I'm still summoning the courage to call the credit card company, though by the signs of those crazy free checks and 0% offers they've sent to me, I think the odds are in my favor.

That is all. I'm off to workout, then home for an exciting night of laundry and The Biggest Loser.


  1. Dude... do me this little favor first. Just go wheat free... you can still eat carbs as long as they are not WHEAT and you stay in your calorie limit. I know (and I know because we are not so dissimilar) that you are prone to the slightly more extreme approach. But I really think carbs at b'fast only = CRAZY (surely you'd lose.... but you might also lose doing something slightly less CRAZY). Think on it.

  2. But I'm not eating a lot of carbs in general... fiber one is the only wheat product I'm eating, aside from fruit.

    Here's what I ate today, for instance:

    fiber one, blueberries, 1/2 banana, milk
    almonds + 2 clementines
    pork tenderloin and salad with dijon vinagrette
    1 T natural peanut butter
    2 HB eggs
    slow cooked chicken cacciatore
    2 T natural peanut butter

    See what I mean?

  3. and I'll probably eat some Fage too, since I'm short of my protein goal.

  4. 1.6 is a "little" loss? Okay wait, did I miss something?

  5. Yes, Katie, welcome to CrazyTownUSA. I'm a little obsessed these days; other things in life are a wee out of control and this is always my default position at times like these.

    So yes, 1.6 was awesome. I'm happy. But I'd like for it to continue... :)

  6. If it's awesome, doesn't that mean it's working? As in you don't need to change anything?

    Don't get me wrong, I frequent CrazyTownUSA especially with the weight loss and plateauness. But are you sure you're even ON a plateau?

  7. if that is all you are eating... I think it is not the wheat. You'd have to be SO sensitive to it.
    Maybe you need more carbs?!

  8. You guys are probably right. I'm just nervous that the 1.6 was a fluke -- but I'm feeling super sizzl-lean and my pants are ridiculously big, so this is a good sign! Thanks for the input and patience; CrazyTownUSA gets the best of me sometimes. :)

  9. I love Mrs. F, too. She's just great. I agree with her on the carbs. I try to only eat carbs in morning, like whole wheat toast. Of course, wine doesn't count. ha aha.

    And get out of Crazy Town. 1.6 is a kick ass loss.

  10. Hey Heather, I saw your comment on my blog. I am not sure if I said that exactly but I for me the scale will not move unless I eat lower carb. So I keep my carbs below 100 almost daily and typically if I do that then the scale will move for me. You might try really watching your carbs intake especially after about 2:00 in the afternoon and see if that makes the scale move for you.


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