This Week

My schedule is so crazy this week I'm ready to cry in exhaustion already:

Monday: Fly to Knoxville. Have dinner with boss.
Tuesday: Crazy meetings, fly home. 
Wednesday: grocery store/cook/plan meals
Thursday: girls night
Friday: college friend in SF; possibly dinner
Saturday: big anniversary dinner at fancy restaurant
Sunday: Superbowl (like I care), and visiting with friends in SF
Monday: Crazy all-day meetings
Tuesday: our real wedding anniversary, crazy all-day meetings
Wednesday: our first ultrasound, crazy all-day meetings 
Thursday: girls night, crazy all-day meetings
Friday: dinner at a friend's house
Saturday: lie down and sleep
Sunday: see Saturday
Monday: leave for Jamaica

So if I am remiss in visiting my blog peeps, making sarcastically hilarious comments, this is why. I'll try to do my best this week...


  1. Holy shit. That is alot of stuff. What are we going to do without you? Wahhhhhhhhhh


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