Something is amiss in our apartment.

*** I tried to post this from the Denver airport. No luck. I'm posting this from home now!***

Pete and I were talking the other night and it seems like whenever we leave our place in California we feel lighter and happier, translating of course into less snippiness, more affection for each other and generally happier temperaments. I feel more energized and able to look at things from the landscape level rather than the humdrum of our daily existence. For the past few trips longer than a day or two away from our place, I always come back with fresh perspective on ways to make our lives easier/better/less stressful. Yet when I get home, the plans often go by the wayside, and I’m starting to wonder if the negative energy/darkness is the cause. 

We theorized that it could be the lighting, but I have a few other theories, so I made a list here on the plane of things to do when I get home to change the energy in our apartment. Since the list is 30 items long, I won’t share all of it but tonight’s priority when I get home is to rearrange the living room furniture. Look, I know nothing about Feng Shui (including whether or not I’ve spelled it right), but I can tell you, furniture arrangement makes a BIG deal on how a room feels. Our living room is basically the room you walk into, and the sofa’s back faces the door. I don’t like that -- it’s never felt right to me, and I’m going to fix it while Pete’s away and can’t argue with me about it I have the energy.[Never mind I took an earlier flight home so I could get some actual rest and will now spend the extra hours on this] I’m going to come in, greet the dog, shower and move the sofa, coffee table and chair/ottoman. Then I’ll start cleaning like an banshee until I run out of steam.

I’ve also decided that life is too short to live in our too-cold apartment. So we’re turning the heat up, and we’re going to somehow tell ourselves that since we use less energy in general and drive a hybrid car, this is Ok with the planet.

Also on the docket: doing something about my negative energy. I’m a positive person generally, but I’m stuck on several key issues with obsessive thinking (like this is a surprise to you!) and false assumptions. I’m going to do those workbook exercises from my Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life book. Basically you write out all your fears/negative thoughts about any given issue (I’ll pick a meaty one first), then you examine those statements and assess whether they’re true and if not, what the real truth is. I’ve put this off, and now it’s looming over me like a giant piano strung from a high rise. I know I’ll feel lighter once I’ve started this. I’m deliberately going to do it while Pete is gone so if I feel terrible, I won’t take it out on him.

Lastly, I’m going to work yoga into my crazy workout schedule. I miss it terribly and know that its good for me. I know I’ve said this a million times before, feel free to flog me. But I’m really going to start doing it. No really this time!


  1. You go girl!!!:) As I have discovered, happiness is a fleeting thing so do what you can to make YOURSELF (and Pete) as content as possible.

    It's important to remember that life will never be perfect, you will never make as much money as you want and you will never love your job 100 percent of the time. That is just how life is but somehow you can find a balance and within that balance, happiness is looming.

    Never forget what you have and how precious it is.

    I actually submitted the above comment to Hallmark in my neverending quest to write cards for them. What do you think?:)

  2. I totally agree that your space around you can make or break your mood. I can't handle clutter around me - I can't relax and my mind gets even crazier if there is shit laying around everywhere. The good thing about this is that my work desk is always clean and my house *appears* clean.

    I need to bring back yoga too. It's so intimidating though> I am way to chicken to go back to Bikram after the "passout.puke" incident last year.

  3. My bedroom has the worst layout ever. Tons of wasted space at the head, foot, and side of my bed, because there is an air conditioner that prevents me from moving the side against the wall, and two weird inverted corners (having a hard time explaining) that make my room not square and prevent me from having my bed flush against the wall. Unfortunately, since I live in a tiny Manhattan apartment, there's not really much I can do except move. Looking forward to that in a few months!

  4. I hear you on the feng shui (you did spell it right.) I was an interior designer back when I was Robin and not Kent's mom, and although I never studied feng shui, I know that you can completely change the feeling and flow of a room by rearranging the furniture.

    I also hear you on the negative energy. I find myself doing that, too. Hopefully the crazy cardio will help. Man, those endorphins are something else. I have been working out regularly for two years and haven't had as many endorphins as I have had the past two days after the crazy cardio.

    Good luck with yours!

  5. I miss my yoga too. Rearrange the furniture, do it again and again until it feels right. Get the lighting right. Pick up a basic beginner book, it can give great tips. Good luck!

  6. Everytime I go away I come back wanting to move. Esp. when I visit my brothers in Indianapolis and Oregon. Ah well, for now we are stuck here in the pit of CA.

    Also, when I leave home, the house MUST be left clean and tidy. I hate hate hate coming home to a disorganized mess! topic...
    With the whole scale not moving much thing, have you heard of alternating your calorie intake? Well there's this "theory" out there that basically your body gets used to the same # of cals you give it dayafterdayafterday. When you mix it up, it keeps your metabolism guessing.

    For WW, it's deemed The Wendie Plan. On the weeks that I've done it, it actually produced some good results. Just thought I'd share!

  7. aerudolph@hotmail.com3:19 AM

    First of all, I love that just a week ago you were telling me that I was doing too much cardio. Well, similar to you and some other folks, I love Corinne but don't want a buff builder's body. Instead I want a thin lean, toned body. So i'm going to do the 60 mins of cardio, abs, and pushups with you ladies! Count me in! Just ran 3.1 miles and did 25 mins bike!! I am so happy you and Pete are going to turn the heat up. Live in happiness and light and take tons of Vitamin D!:)


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