Out of Pocket Today

This is why I hate flying. I'm up wayyy to early for going to bed so late, and I'm all discombobulated. Should I caffeinate? If I do, I won't sleep on the plane? Easy decisions like this are eluding me. Looking good though, no? Megan, I have my Snakehead towel on! 

So I'll be out of pocket today, on a plane to Detroit. I connect through Denver, which if I recall is a *decent* airport, so maybe I'll actually get something decent (read: healthy) to eat. 
We'll have pics of our trip on the Team Hansen blog, and as Mrs. F and are meeting face-to-face tomorrow, we'll also have some type of joint post tomorrow. Maybe video, but I can't make any promises. 

Have a great Friday!


  1. The worst part about traveling are the other idiots at the airport. People seem to lose all common sense the second they walk in those sliding glass doors.

    Have a good trip. Can't wait to hear about it.

  2. Have fun, (and FYI, I forwarded your comment to Molly but she's out of town on business. I think she's going to start up posting and get into pnp on Tuesday or so...)


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