One Year Ago Today...

Pete asked me to marry him on year ago today. It happened on the Santa Cruz pier; we had just bought candy: dark chocolate almond bark for me. As I was bounding out of the candy store, I dropped my almond bark on the ground, seagull crap and all, and wiped it off and started to eat it anyway. I'm like that. We sat in the car eating our candy and we were listening to the Beach Boys' Barbara Ann, and Pete said quietly: "will you marry me?" and I said, "YES!" Then we hugged, and I said, "Do you think we can do this?" He said, "We're gonna sure as hell try. Then:

Him: Do you want to see the ring?
Me: YOU HAVE A RING???? (Look, the man was unemployed!)

(After he presents it and I stare at it)
Him: It's a shame it's not light out, it's really shiny.

Then we went to the local drugstore because I needed tampons. It was really romantic.


  1. Seagul poop...tampons...a ring.

    Honey, it don't git no betta than that!

  2. so funny!

    So do you guys get loveydovey when you hear Barbara Ann?

  3. That is romantic.

    Sorry about my crappy post, I'm back today and hopefully a bit better - at least I can fake it :)

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  5. That Lars is so romantic. I only wish that I could call him Sven and that he too wore snowflake sweaters. DAMN IT!

  6. Amy: it really doesn't!

    KatieO: Pete isn't the mushy type at all, but he does announce everysingletime the Beach Boys come on: "I love these guys! They are so awesome."

    POM: Glad to hear it!

    Newmie: But if you called Lars Sven, what would we call Stephan? I told you there's a snowflake sweater on the cover of my Norwegian book, right?

  7. OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS HILARIOUS!! What a great memory!

  8. Don't worry about 3.75 oz of wine. I drank a bottle last night. And I'm planning on a couple martinis tonight. The "No drinking" resolution lasted 3 full days. Sweet Jesus.

  9. Thanks Dawn!

    POM, even just a little bit of wine calms me right down. I tried all of my other tricks for chilling last night: shower, body scrub even! relaxing dinner, laying on couch. And it came to 9 p.m. and I could not get that wine out of my head.

  10. LOL... that is great.

  11. Isn't it odd how Pete just didn't GET why we thought calling him Lars and calling Stephan, Sven, was so funny. I think he might get the humor if we forbid him to have friends with those names. And why wouldn't a Norwegian book have a snow flake on it? Duh!!!:)

  12. omg you are TOO funny!

  13. ROFL... TAMPONS!!

    You're making me want to tell my engagement story. Maybe I'll do that this week!


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