Oh the Boredom of It All

Really, I'm not sure I can take this job anymore. I am going to gouge my eyes out just so I'll have something to do. When things get this slow I have a general online to-visit list:

1. catch up on a zillion other blogs.
2. " " on people.com, usweekly and go fug yourself.
3. Read more about nutrition/working out that confirms my existing beliefs so that I feel smart and reassured (I said I was bored; I'm always crazy people).
4. Shop online without actually buying anything.
5. Google people I used to know/do know.

The next step is actually trying to sleep with my eyes open. I practice this a lot here, with mixed results.

In other news, if you have not checked out the wares at Boden, you are missing out. I practically made out with the catalog. Really, I did. I also recently received the Hanes catalog, and thought about ordering some cheap t-shirt dresses for the Jamaica trip, then immediately felt guilty because these are likely made from third-world children.

As soon as Pete gets home (tonight!!!!!!) I'll have my beloved camera back, and I'm going to make a home how-to video for a lil beauty treatment.

Oh, there's this: I lost the diamond in my wedding ring this morning. Literally I look down and there's just prongs, no diamond. I felt that awful feeling in my stomach (although it's insured, it's the diamond that Pete picked out)

I started crying, of course, then called Pete and he told me to retrace my steps slowly. So I walked back out to the dumpster where I dragged the Christmas Tree (finally), but alas no diamond. (Though I will note that some guy who I previously thought was really shady offered to help me find whatever I was looking for -- though I didn't tell him I lost my diamond, I a'int no dummy).

[Meanwhile my boyfriend He-Man the cat, who lives upstairs, was meowing like crazy and following me around, and I'm like "HE MAN I CANNOT MAKE OUT WITH YOU RIGHT NOW."]

I called my mom crying, of course, because people if you ever need a jewelry expert, she is the person. She knows EVERYTHING about jewelry and especially diamonds. Anyway. I called her, she talked me down from the ledge, and as I'm talking to her, I look on the bed, and there it is. Lil diamond, just hanging out next to the plastic hangers. Just chillin, like it was no big deal that it was out of it's setting and hangin on the bed.

I'm hugely relieved.


  1. I am SO glad you found your diamond. Precious thing and it while yes, its insured, its never the same. I feel such relief for you!

    There must be a rash of rings jumping away from owners, someone else lost their ring at work yesterday. Check http://momtothescreamingmasses.typepad.com/

    Anyway, very happy for you!

  2. Checkin' out Boden - I love all the dresses. I'm seriously having to refrain from buying, as I barely got the christmas bullshit paid off on my card.

    SOOOOOOOOO glad you found mr. sneaky diamond.

    I wish my mom could talk me off a ledge. She more like pushes off the ledge and makes sure a tight rope is around my neck.

  3. I'm so glad you found your diamond. How awful.

    You crack me up. I have a life sized picture of you making out with a big ol' cat. :)

  4. oh geez. I freak out when I lose my keys! Seriously. Pit in my stomach, stressed out mess. I cannot even imagine the wreck I would be with a lost diamond.
    I'm soooo glad you found it!

  5. Aren't moms great?! My mother is not only my psychotherapist, but also my financial advisor, cooking consultant and shopping buddy.

    Good thing you found your diamond! I'm currently in denial about losing my diamond necklace. Sigh. Don't tell BF he doesn't know yet.

  6. I lost a diamond pendant necklace 5 days after I got it for x mas. That has to be a record. But so far....the new wedding set is fully intact! Good luck on catching up!


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