Off to LA!

Yo people! 

Thanks so much for the kind comments yesterday; I'm on the upswing and feeling much better! I bought a few new books and magazines yesterday and feel much, much, much relieved to know that I'm normal and while technically nuts, within the normal boundaries of pregnant-nuts. 

So thanks. 

I'm off to LA for the writing/editing test and my best friend Mary's co-ed baby shower on Sunday. Fun times! I'm excited to spend time with her; we discussed possibly going to look for bras. We're *that* fun. 

Have a great weekend! I'll check back in Monday!


  1. god dammit I forgot to put the bra in the mail. Okay if I have a big envelope I'll just do it from home and send the less important stuff later!

  2. Ohhh. Bra shopping is worse than jeans shopping!

    Get this though - I have the WORST time finding bras that fit. Big Boobs, dinky shoulders - straps NEVER stay on right or they are too tight and make my boobs look like topedos. I've tried everything, every price, every brand.

    The other day I ran into Target to get something and I saw that they have these knock-off's of Victorias. I grabbed one for the heck of it. It was like $10. It is the most perfect bra ever. It fits me in all ways and the straps stay up. I love it. I am going back to buy every color.

    Who'd a thunk it? My $10 target bra beats out the $50 Bloomingdales bra - hands down! Or Boobs Down ha ha - or boobs up, if you want to get technical.


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