New Year, new ways

Mrs. F's post about home organization inspired to just go for my organization, ahem, goals shall we say? I've got several. The entryway is my pet peeve; it's become clutter-central, and I'm guilty as charged. So I went through the aforementioned lovely organizer, which was crammed with lovely, lovely, sweet and kind wedding cards. I re-read all of them, then threw them away. I also went to BBB and bought two trash cans, one for the dog food and one for my new openin' mail ways in '08.

Apparently I'm into bronze these days. Someone stop me when it gets a little too New Jersey in here. (Sorry NJ)

And I bought more of the amazing space bags. I hate it when products that are advertised on television actually work. It messes with my theory on things. And dangit, these space bags are friggin awesome. I put a HUGE down-like comforter and FOUR pillows (2 with thick shams) in it, and voila! It's in a small container!

(experiencing technical difficulties with photos)

No seriously, they're amazing. They really, really are. I couldn't have had more fun packing stuff away.

Ok, gotta get back to it. I'll post pictures upon completion!


  1. I LOVE the space bags. I use them for packing in my suitcase when I travel!

  2. OK ladies - what am I doing wrong? These bags work super when I first do them but slowly allow air to enter over time, totally defeating the purpose. Am I buying the wrong kind of bags or doing something wrong?

  3. Dona, I'll have to let you know. I'll watch them to see if air seeps back in. I hope this isn't the case though... are you sure it's sealed tightly?

  4. " I re-read all of them, then threw them away"

    WOW. I still haven't done that! I'm impressed. Big time. Well done.

    "Someone stop me when it gets a little too New Jersey in here"

    Now that is fucking hilarious!


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