Where'd the week go? That's what I want to know. I'm sorry I've been remiss to you dear readers. Letsee , what's the update?

Sunday night: We booked our trip to Norway!!!!!! We found it for $986 per person, which is INSANELY cheap. We leave May 14, and come back June 5, and stop over in Baltimore to see Megan (yay!) and then attend Karina's wedding (double yay!) June 7. We're flying into Oslo, then are heading to Pete's hometown of Bergen, then playing there for a while, then going to Copenhagen to see our dear friends, then heading back to Oslo. Two of our friends just moved back to Oslo/Copenhagen, and now their American significant others are moving over to be with them. We're gonna get all caught up when we get there! Fun! *** But this means I really, really gotta get crackin on the Norwegian.

Monday: Got a call from people in LA. Woo-woo! I'm taking a writing/editing test on Friday; not meeting with anyone, just taking the test. The funny thing is that my colleague is "administering" it. I guess I still have to wear a suit for the "test." Still waiting on their other opening to be posted. Lifted weights and felt like a super badass. Then...

Tuesday: I spent it hunched over in pain; I've done something to my back and couldn't sleep from oh, 4-7 a.m., so I called it a day and stayed home from work. I finally woke back up around 10, starving of course (my 5 a.m. waffles only stayed with me so long). Decided a homemade pita pizza and Chunky Monkey were suitable lunch items. Picked up my shiny, clean, sparkly diamond ring from the jeweler! Woo-woo!

Today: My back is better but I am not excited about pumping iron tonight, though it is what is on the schedule. I think I'll settle for cardio instead. I've got chicken sausage ravioli from Trader Joe's for lunch and I literally could dance in the hallways about it. Food and I are tight, you know? Also: tomato meatball soup for dinner, recipe courtesy of Mrs. F. It's gonna be a great day!


  1. please watch that back!

  2. Exactly... take it easy on the back.

    I can't wait for Mrs. F's Tomato & Meatball soup. I talked to the Captain about it last night - he's game to try :)

  3. Dang! What is it? My back is aching from my weights today too. I cut back one weight day to get more cardio in, so I'm lifting heavier weights to compensat. Must. Watch. Form.

    On a different note...there's a *chance* I will be running my very first every 5k in San Fran on Feb. 24th with a friend. Interested?

  4. Glad your back is feeling better, did you end up doing cardio last night?


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