Fun With Mrs F!

So I met Mrs F today, and felt like I was meeting an *actual* celebrity. Seriously. It was super fun. She's totally smaller in person, just like a celebrity too. We talked about my weight loss stall, and I'm seriously, seriously considering her advice of the crazy cardio 6 days a week. We had lunch, charmed the waiter, and hit up Nordstrom Rack for a fabulous dress for the Jamaica trip. It's really awesome. 

Fun times, here in Detroit. I just got back from a run/walk around Pete's friend's neighborhood -- go me!


  1. lol

    I did a video post... why oh why did we forget to do that!!!? Not even a picture! I thought of it as soon as I drove off. :(

    Anyway in about 75 hours it should be uploaded! Must get a video camera so I'm not uploading these huge files off my digital camera!!

    And anyone who is wondering Heather looks exactly like her pictures (aka pretty... hello ever seen her wedding pics?!) and has FANTASTIC hair.

    I kind of wanted to do a longer post about Justin the waiter but what if he really does check it out? I'd feel bad.

  2. Yay!!! I haven't seen the video post yet....

    And Thanks! I had so much fun today!

    Seriously going to try the all crazy-cardio week. Starting Tuesday (I get home late Monday)

    Do the post about Justin. It'll be hilarious. He was kind of in love with you...

  3. LOL... how could he not be?!?
    That was pretty funny stuff I've never had such a talkative waiter.... it was both hilarious and awkward!

    Do you and Pete at least fly home together?

    video is still uploading I'll do a post tomorrow.

  4. This is true! We don't fly home together, I fly home Monday and he comes home Thursday. I'm going to enjoy 72 hours of solo-time. Woo-woo!

  5. Guess what I just found:
    Justin's movie

    he's in Chapter Four: The Party (the last one)

    line: "want to sip? sip it up."

    um... slightly disappointing....

  6. Ummm...mind if I crash your conversation?

    JK! I can't believe you guys didn't even take a picture together. What the hell were you thinking? That waiter must've been something!

    ...going now to check out Justin.

  7. That's awesome that you met up with her. I love her blog and it turned me on to yours. I think her hair looks great. I'm not so sure I could be talked into super cario 6 days a week though. I'm more of a yogi.

  8. I KNEW Mrs F would be like a celebrity and totally tiny.

    How fun. Do we get to see a pic of the dress??


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