Hi! Here's the update!

  • Christmas was OK -- I think I'm having an off year on holidays. My gift from Peter didn't arrive in time and he didn't say anything until I asked him WTF; my bro and I got in a fight, etc. etc. So it was Ok. Moving on...
  • Got the F6 Polar Heart Rate Monitor yesterday! Friends, this sucker counts my calories as I work out. I'm outofmyhead excited to use it and bust some tail, as Corinne would say.
  • Today I slept until 11 a.m. I guess we're still on California time, but really I don't care. I'm loving getting the extra sleep.
  • Tomorrow our schedule is pure insanity; breakfast with long-lost friends of my sister's, lunch with Megan, afternoon visit with former boss's family and kids who I'm in love with, and then a 2-hour trek back to my parents house for a bonfire in my parents' backyard with 14 other family members. I'm tired even typing it, but really excited to see everyone.
  • Eating has been OK -- trying to not be crazy and just take it in moderation. The See's Candies box is not helping, dammit.
  • Bought a fabulous new purse yesterday and tried not to sweat over the price of it. I don't get all jazzed about handbags; I love me some shoes and coats, but handbags don't do it for me. Still, I'm very picky about them. I like simple with a little something extra. I'm totally gaga for this one (in bronze).
That is all for now ... will post more pictures, etc. as I take 'em.

And stay tuned for my KICKASS New Year's To-Do and How I'm Going to Do It list...


  1. oooo, I'm most excited to hear out the heart rate monitor works out for you...

  2. oh sweet jesus I might need that heart rate monitor too.... how much is it?
    my new pedometer does calorie burn too but it seems to me the heart rate would be a more accurate way to estimate that.

    bonfire?!? sounds very exotic for Christmas time... I am quite jealous...

    PS Kid clearly just smoked some crack... just need to put that out there...

  3. Excited abou thte heart rate monitor! I'm debating getting a garmin right now. It will just add to my craziness about calories, miles, numbers. Argh. But it would be so fun too.

    Sweet purse!


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