Update from LA!

I love the Good, Bad and Ugly posts. So here's my latest:

Good: It's very easy to eat healthy in LA. I ordered an egg white omelet for breakfast. Easy, cheesy.

Bad: When you're up too late the night before, it's easy to drink a zillion cups of coffee to avoid falling asleep in this class -- which would be obvious since I'm in the front row, and bad because I'm technically representing my company. 

Ugly: It's also much harder to say no to cookies when you're this tired.

I'm off to bed. 


  1. Ok, sorry, no interesting thing to say about LA, eggs, or cookies. I'm just wondering if you wouldn't mind emailing me so I can email you. (katieo@sisterskinny.com)

  2. I'm heading to a business trip for 7 flippin' days. I know bad eating will just happen based on our shitty schedule. I'm afraid... very afraid.


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