The Trips I've Taken in 2007

God I'm bored at work, and the guy on the other side of my cube is really enjoying a piece of gum. So I thought I'd post a little list of the trips I've taken in 2007. Most of them for business. This is a passive-aggressive whining post about my job, get it?

Ok here goes:
  1. Knoxville, Tenn. (Feb)
  2. Washington DC (Feb) + Delaware (Feb) (one trip total)
  3. Denver, Colo. (March)
  4. Los Angeles (May)
  5. Washington DC (May)
  6. Charlotte (May)
  7. Delaware (May)
  8. Charlotte (July)
  9. Washington DC (Aug)
  10. Delaware (wedding)
  11. Washington DC (Sept)
  12. Arkansas (for fun!) October
  13. Charlotte (November)
  14. Los Angeles (December)
  15. Delaware (leaving next week)
See why I've asked Santa for new luggage?


  1. Heather, where do you work? You sound like a fellow consultant!

  2. I can't say -- it'll likely be picked up by google blog search. But we have offices all over the country, and the bulk of my division is on the East Coast. It's crazy!


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