Today's To Do List


  1. Wrap every present
  2. Get in fight with Pete over him suffering from extreme MAN and being completely disconnected from reality.
  3. Try not to eat the cookies I baked for my mother in law. Those damn spicy chocolate cookies are RIDICULOUS. I ate four yesterday. They're little, but still. We're trying to phase out our plastic containers, so I have them "packed" into a container. Only yesterday I opened the container to check on them. Damn. I always have to eat the broken ones. And I did. I now am baking more for her out of guilt. And cause we forgot to get his aunt something.
  4. Return the drying rack for clothes that Pete broke while assembling, but refuses to take responsibility for. He says it was cheap material. I say fine, but you still broke it. He refuses to even go to Target with me to return it. (??????!!!!!!)
  5. Mail the packages to Norway. Cause nothing says Merry Christmas more than late packages from overseas. 
  6. Re-package/re-gift the also ridiculously good persimmon cookies the very nice German lady who I used to sit next to at work gave me. One cookie and I knew these had to be given away or thrown in the trash. I'm weak, I cannot be trusted around things like this. 
  7. Listen to Christmas music while wrapping endless presents and mentally adding to the to-do list, then getting misty about Pete and love and this time of year, and how friggin grateful I am for him, even though he drives me completely insane sometimes. 
  8. Figure out how to pack/contain wrapped packages without having them look like the dog wrapped them. This could be a challenge.
  9. Not eat cookies. Did I mention that? Maybe I'll throw the German cookies in for Pete's aunt. Is that offensive? I certainly hope not. I can't be expected to eat this shit in small amounts. I have absolutely no self-control. No seriously. One cookie and I'm a goner.
  10. Drive to the office for a workout. I'm saying maybe to this, cause I might settle for working out in our little gym here. My new workout has me working my whole body three times a week (for strength training) vs Mon = shoulders, Wed = legs. I'm liking the new routine. Doing lunges with 20 lbs gets easier with practice.
  11. Try to clean the apartment as much as possible; I cannot leave for the East Coast with a messy apartment, or I will want to jump off the building when we get back. Trying to convince Pete to help, when his MAN seems to extreme today, could be a challenge. I tried lecturing, that didn't work out so well. Damn this marriage stuff is tricky.
I'm off to get through my list. Gulp. 


  1. did posting this help?
    you know I always find it motivating. I'm finally working on the stocking! yay me!

    when do you guys leave?
    and I hear you on the home front usual ;)


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