Today's the Day

We go to INS today. I'm taking a camera with me to document the trip, so stay tuned for pictures. This is our "interview" that we've waited five months for, and if all goes well, Pete will get a green card, enabling him to legally reside in the US. I'm hoping the urban legends about the interviews are not true -- you know, asking me what color his toothbrush is (as evidence that we actually live together). I've put on a purdy dress and even non-flat shoes. Our appt. is at 2 p.m. PST. Pete suggested we leave the house at 12 noon. I tried really hard not to laugh and told him I thought leaving our house at 1 p.m., to get to an appointment approximately 10 miles away, would be just fine.

Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck, good luck, good luck! I hope they don't ask embarassing questions - can't wait for the true hollywood story!

    (Can't wait for the pictures)

  3. Hello hello!? How'd it go????


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