Oh 2008, I've Got Plans for You!

Here it is folks:

Goal: Learn Norwegian.

How I'm going to do it:
  1.  I bought two books, Teach Yourself Norwegian and Norwegian in 10 minutes a day, both with CDs and DVDs, etc. The 10-minutes a day book seriously looks like a coloring book. Appropriate for my skill level -- although Pete was talking to his mom today in Norwegian and I figured out what they were saying. 
  2. I’m going to devote 10 minutes a day to learning Norwegian. I tried the Teach Yourself Norwegian book last year, and Pete said I sounded like I was from Oslo. To which I answered, Isn’t that in Norway? He said yes but where he’s from there’s a different accent. Damn him. I figure I’ll learn Norwegian first, then work on the accents. Our friend who’s American but knows Norwegian said the coloring book is the best one, and the other one is too hard. So my strategy is coloring book first, then hard book.

Goal: Get into that damn bikini and feel amazingly proud in it.
How I'm going to do it: You know this already, but it bears repeating.
  1. Eat Clean: eat unprocessed foods, avoid sugar, booze in general and avoid carbs after 3 p.m. Have one meal a week when I get to eat whatever I want. Donut + bacon sandwiches = totally legal. I'm just sayin. 
  2. Keep calories between 1500-1700. Aim for 1500. 
  3. Aim for 138 grams of protein a day. Seriously, the more research I do on this, the same number keeps coming up. 1 gram per pound of body weight.
  4. Get in 27 workouts for the 31 days in January. I am not kidding. I’m going for it, people. I am serious and I refuse to get to Feb. 13 and wonder why the hell I didn’t go for what I wanted.

Goal: Get Mrs. B (my dog) more activity
How I’m going to do it:
  1. Get up half an hour earlier to take her for a long walk in the mornings. We’ve been getting by with just a quick jaunt, and because she’s completely neurotic, she has been destroying the carpet with pee and killing her toys. The girl needs more activity, even at age 11.
  2. Take her for long walks at nights on the days I do strength training (MWF). I have a special jacket that’s fluorescent so I can be seen at night. It’s really hideous, but really handy at the same time. Bonus: more calories burned. 

Goal: Open My Mail every day.
How I’m going to do it: This is tough. Currently I let mail pile up for weeks at a time, since all of my bills are paid online/automatically and the mail is generally garbage/credit card offers/statements that need to be filed.
So here’s my strategy.
  1. Have a blank folder in the handy organizer we got as a wedding gift and put everything that needs to be filed in there. When it gets completely out of hand, file the stuff.
  2. Place a small trash can near the entry way of the door where said mail opening will take place, and throw away junk mail, envelopes, etc. 

Goal: Move my credit card balance to a lower interest card.
I ain’t gonna lie, I’ve got a bit of a balance that needs to be paid down ASAP. It’s tough being the breadwinner of the family and simultaneously satisfying my shopping habits. I hate being a grown up sometimes. Sob!
How I’m going to do it:
  1.  Well duh! I’m getting all of those offers, so I might as well apply for one of them. 
  2. Analyze monthly spending and create a plan or set limit to pay every month to get that balance down. ASAP!
Goal: Declutter, constantly.
How I’m going to do it:
  1. I love my husband. I hate that he can’t throw things away and likes to save things. He also really likes cleanliness and hasn’t figured out how the two are connected. Where does my responsibility lie? Educating him as much as I can about how we can’t continue to save things and get new things without living in constant chaos and mess.
  2. Clean out closets, give away to Goodwill and get rid of as much stuff as possible on a continual basis.

Goal: Finish our 2007 projects. My pet peeve is having projects halfway done and languishing around the apartment. We have at least 8 projects that are like this.
How I’m going to do it:
  1. It’s the return of the GANTT chart. You remember, right? The marriage-saving GANTT charts? We map out the task, then break it down into tiny, baby steps and each week we have a meeting to discuss our progress on the ridiculously easy baby steps. We also prioritize each task with a color (red= immediate action). This prevents me from constantly bitching and wondering what the hell he’s spending his time on, since he’s at home most of the time. Yay GANTT charts!
That's all I can think of for now. Hope you have a Happy New Year!


  1. FYi on the balance transfer, I have NO clue how much you need to transfer, but you might want to talk with someone on the phone from the credit card company that you're transferring to. One time we transferred our high interest balance to a lower rate card (one of those awesome offers) and it only transferred a very small portion. Annoying. But we have done it before where it's worked great. I think it just depends on your credit and the company and how much you have to transfer. You just might want to talk to someone before you actually make the switch. (It's worked better in the past for us to just call up the current credit card company and threaten to switch to one of those awesome offers. They ALWAYS lower our rate for at least for 6 mos. to a year or so.) Ok not that you really needed to know all that, we've just been in lock-down mode with paying off debt for the last little while so I can't resist blabbing about it.

  2. So... it may have happened that 2 years ago I found out Mr F (he doesn't read this so I'm safe) had acquired (w/o my knowledge of course) 50K in debt on our credit cards and other misc stuff (over a 5 year period)... this is when we figured out the person with ADD should not be the bill payer!

    We got a home equity loan. We were able to pay them off completely and it had a lower interest rate (we do interestingly have amazing credit). Of course we own a home... but my best friend (whose business went under... and so had tons of credit card debt) was also able to get a personal loan through eloans (that's how we got ours too) and pay off her credit cards.

    Don't know if that is helpful... but just putting it out there.

  3. Thanks gals! I opened a United miles card last year thinking I'd just use it for this very MacBook, and before you know it wedding crap and stuff piled up... and yikes, wow, those miles really aren't worth it! I'll try your strategy KatieO -- maybe tomorrow, since they might be deluged with calls Jan. 1 (New Year's resolutions and all) and maybe they'll not have put in their defensive strategies in just yet. Or maybe they will. But it's worth a shot.

    Mrs. F -- I've learned this with my own ADD boy too. After fight after fight after fight, he transfers a set amount to me each month and I pay all the bills. Previously I had let him slide on his half, which also led to the credit card issue again... Oy!

  4. I agree with Katieo. I transfered a balance and ended up hating the new company and having major issues with them. Try to threaten for a lower rate first - you will probably get it if you pay on time.

    Great goals. I have yet to think of them. Maybe tonight. Over some hard core cough medicine.

  5. Heather,

    Happy New Year.

    I ordered it.

    Soon all my comments will be in Norwegian... they might not make any sense....


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