No, It Didn't Get Done

How's that for self-defeating? I post a really long list of to-dos, then take a two-hour nap and miss my workout, and end up going out last night, drinking far too much wine and spending way too much money. (But having a good time anyway)

We did manage to get the packages mailed to Norway, for only $150. This was iffy, as we missed the post-office hours and went to our local Longs Drugs, who thankfully, has a shipping service, through the regular mail, UPS or Fed Ex. Cost to Fed Ex our packages to Norway would have been $360, if you're curious. 

We cleaned the apartment; or really Pete did, and true to his passive-aggressive ways, literally vacuumed around me during my nap. It was payback from my lecturing, I suppose. I pretended I was so sound asleep I didn't care; in reality I was so sleepy I couldn't open my eyes to glare at him. 

Today I'm packing myself and the dog's stuff; she's going to a friend's house while we're away. I ran some errands and felt like a true badass when I was carrying 30 lbs of dog food around the pet store like it was no big deal at all, and waited in an impossibly long and slow-moving line as if I was carrying a box of tissues. Truly badass. This has inspired me to go work out today, despite my cobweb-head from last night's wine. 


  1. That's ok. Getting lists down can be over-rated. I'll take a fun night out with wine anytime!

    Don't be crazy.
    No more cookies.

    Those are my goals for the rest of the week.


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