The Importance of Habits

Ok, it's Friday. I've successfully navigated TWO holiday luncheons with success, diet-wise, and am chillin at my desk now. And looking for people on If you're on there, btw, post in the comments and we will connect and make up a story about how we're actually "business associates." It'll be great.

So anyway. This post is about the importance of habits. After not working out for the past week, I actually thought today, I am too tired. I don't wanna. I'll go tomorrow. I really should take it easy, I'm just starting to feel better.

All certainly justifiable reasons. But let me remind you, gentle reader, that this is a person who FREAKING LOVES working out. LOVES it. Like gets giddier than a schoolgirl at the thought of it. Could kiss the treadmill sometimes, and after most workouts swears, there is NOTHING better than leaving a cr@p day at work on the treadmill. Cr@p days are common in my current situation, PS please don't mention anything about that when we're "business associates."

So what gives? Simply, I am out of the habit. It was, and has been since January, barring a week off for the trip to Arkansas, my main (daily) form of dealing with stress. I go to work, and literally the thing I look forward to most all day is working out. So friends, today I am working out.

It's time I make another confession. Long-time readers know that I'm finishing Invisalign (invisible braces) to fix the snaggle-tooth/fang/British teeth I was acquiring. Picture of me with said braces on here. Warning, it's a super huge picture, and you can see basically every pore of my skin. At first they were a magical diet trick, because I had to take them out to eat, then brush my teeth immediately after, then put them back in. This was especially effective because they hurt like hell.

But now friends, 9 months later. I am SO FREAKING OVER these things. Eating 6 times a day makes it very hard, if not crazy, to take them out and brush my teeth every 2-3 hours. So most days, I confess completely, I am not wearing them. I wear them at night, and they hurt when I put them in. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that Mr. Fang is not behaving as planned, so I had to wear the same freaking trays for 2 months (vs. two weeks otherwise), and frankly, they give me the creeps. I brush them every day of course, but still. The bottom line is I'm out of the habit, and need to get back in it. I don't want Fang to return. I get new trays *finally* on Monday, and I am committed to wearing them like I'm supposed to. Even if they give me a lisp and make my lips look funny.


  1. funny enough Mr F has a snaggle tooth.. which we call... yep... snaggle tooth. I've always wanted him to get the invisalin.. I see now that he definitely does not have the patience for all that brushing!

  2. Oh that sounds like such a PAIN. (the invisalign that is)

    I totally know what you mean about habits. I'm so out of all of mine. This whole no-gym in the morning is seriously throwing me off. It's even harder with the holidays and traveling (which you obviously do A LOT of) and all the other stuff that's just different about this time of year.


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