I have nuttin to say

What I mean is, there's no real theme to this post. But here's some tidbits:
  • The weekend was good eating-wise. I skipped working out Saturday and chose a 2-hour nap instead. Hauled @ss on the treadmill last night, to the point where I was singing out loud with other people staring so I could get through the minutes on the damn incline.
  • We got our tree last night; I'm decorating it tonight along with the rest of the apartment. Pete's in LA for the day at a conference. I hope to have everything all done and the apartment actually clean by the time he gets home. Sometimes I get all June Cleaver-like and really feel it's important to take care of him. Other times he's so annoying I just want to scream. He feels the same way. Apparently it's called marriage.
  • After a much-needed kick in the pants from Mary, I have decided to give away my fat clothes. If you're a size 8-10 and like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic or J.Crew stuff, holler and I'll be happy to mail it. It seems like a crime to take them to Goodwill. Still, my closets are absolutely crammed to the point where I recycle my daily clothing from a mountain of items that sit on my little green chair. I'm serious -- if you want them, email me at run HL run at gmail dot com (without the spaces, silly!)
  • Also, I'll need your advice tonight on the highly anticipated green corduroy pants from J. Crew. I worked like hell to get into them, a size 8P, only to discover that I actually think they're unflattering. I'll post pictures, and you can vote.
  • If you're in need, like me, of sweaters that fit but are basic and not bulky, friends, Target is your place: click here. I bought FOUR, they were $15-18 each! They also have turtleneck and crewneck styles. My four included two turtlenecks ($18).


  1. It took me a long time to get rid of my fat clothes. I still have some becuase it takes forever to replace a wardrobe. I kept wearing my size 10s until finally my boss told me I need to get new pants.

  2. The closet is absolute mayhem. Its time! Plus, I have sag-ass in most of my pants.

  3. Oh my gosh, 8 and 10s are your fat clothes?! They're my skinnies! I'm SO emailing you!!!


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