Greetings from Not-Feeling-So-Great-Ville

Right. I got up today at 4:30 cause I couldn't sleep. Worked for two hours, then headed down to the gym for my @ss-kicking cardio workout. Here's how it went:

  • Minutes 0-5 = maybe I should have had some coffee before I got on here...
  • 5-11 = um, what? My heart rate is through the roof. Is this treadmill faster than the one at home? WTF?
  • 11-16 = Incline 10, speed 3.6 or something like that. I am this close to falling off this treadmill, or maybe laying down on it for a quick nap. I make very compelling arguments to myself as to why I could certainly finish my workout after said nap. 
  • 16-39 = I feel like absolute @ss. Can't move my legs fast enough. Can't keep up with treadmill. Lower the speed below normal workout. Guzzle water. Still feel awful.
So I ended 10 minutes early and felt awful afterwards, really, really tired. I went back to bed for a few hours, missed day 2 of my class, and took an earlier flight home so I wouldn't have to sit at the airport for forever. I wasn't feeling 100% on Monday, and I'm thinking the crazy schedule, stress and flights just added to it. I'm staying home tomorrow to sleep, sleep, sleep. 

PS I had a slice of pesto pizza and some whole grain tortilla chips with guac for dinner. Not the best nutritionally. Oh well.


  1. I have these workouts. My treadmill is right next to the couch and sometimes it is all I can do to not dive right off and onto it. I say if you feel like you are falling off (this was happening to me before we left) then you are just plain too tired and you need to cut yourself some slack. I have had days like this followed by a perfectly normal workout the next day... go figure?!?


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