Feel Like @ss

I came in at 10:30, with a quasi-professional outfit, makeup and everything. I've taken Tylenol, had two cups of hot tea, 32 oz of water, and still feel like ass. This will be the FOURTH day in a row with no workout; I'm trying not to obsess and remember that my health is a bigger deal than my pant size. I just want to go home and get back to bed.

The new hair seems shocked by it's length; it's resorted to completely misbehaving. I either have flat/greasy head or Ronald McDonald head or crunchy head. Not good. I'm going to buy new products on the way home and will experiment accordingly. I would like to say I'll report back, but I've got to work on my performance review for work, which includes quite a few tall tales.


  1. this blog is the shit. i need to read it more.

  2. hey thanks mp! Thanks for readin!

  3. Ronald McDonald head

    and you have got to relax on the workouts.. you are obviously SICK.. take a break.

    During my break last week I just decided that I would start up on Monday and then not worry about it or feel guilty every day. It worked for me and I was totally into and able to pump out a good workout last night.


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