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Aside from my haircut, nothing else is terribly new. The cold/whatever has subsided, I think. I slept a lot yesterday and today and I'm not running a fever anymore, so I suppose that's good. I've eaten basically anything I've wanted, which fortunately/unfortunately included four chocolate chip cookies today. We cannot buy these anymore; I can't stop thinking about them when they're in the house. I also have been obsessed with the Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Waffles. I grew up eating Eggo waffles, and they're a major comfort food for me. Thus, I cannot buy them anymore. Cause I want to eat them. All the time. Like, I almost ate three yesterday. I'm not topping them with garbage -- natural peanut butter or just a wee of sugar free syrup -- but still, any food that makes me want to eat it all freaking day can't be good.

Oh, there's this. I read in Newsweek all about this new research about women's fertility and diet, and how the things that had the biggest impact on fertility were trans fats, drinking/eating unprocessed foods, and having a balance of carbs and fat. The latter doesn't exactly jive with my protein goals of late.The article also said full-fat dairy aided ovulation, and low-fat versions did the opposite. You know how I am with dairy folks. But lately I've been trying to eat more of it; I'm trying to trick my body out of the newly developed lactose-intolerance. I have no idea if this will work. I topped the killer chili I made with REAL sour cream last night, then was bloated as hell. Same thing tonight with pizza (feta). Bloated. Gassy. Peter is praying this "experiment" ends soon. 

I'm not sure what to do with the information about the fertility diet -- I have no idea if I have a fertility problem. Moms who read this, should I be worried about this? Should I be doing everything I can to boost my fertility? I'm not inclined to panic, but am curious to what you think. Comment away!


  1. Well, I'm in no experience of fertility, but I did too read that high fat dairy increases it and low-fat has the opposite effect, which makes sense bcause women's bodies like to bear hips and when bearing a child! that's why and how we're physically different from men. I do also believe having adequate nutrients like folate and essential vitamins are more likely to boost your chances because no body wants to have a kid when health isn't up to par (how the heck did nicole richie get pregnant? i seriously hope her baby comes out healthy). i think you should give it some more time until you seek real help for fertility because having a baby is the greatest and greatest function our bodies were born to do and it's probably just waiting for the appropriate time. Your body is made up of many cells and constantly goes through mitosis to replace and repair damaged cells daily and also for meiosis (reproduction). Good luck...

  2. I'm no expert either, but I think you eat healthy enough for it not to be a factor with fertility.

    Have you actually started TTC? I thought you weren't going to start until Feb-ish? If your TOMs are regular, and you haven't been "actively" TTC, then don't start stressing this second. If you want to get a little research done in the meantime, start taking your temp to check when you're O'ing...and not the BIG-O ya know. Fertility Friend has good info and a chart you can use.

    You will have plenty of time when you're pg to be stressed out about all the little things you do with your body...then once the baby is here it's an all new level of stress! This is your last chance to not be stressed out all the time...take advantage of it!!

  3. absolutely don't worry about this. I eat almost no dairy and had no issues... worry about it when you know if you have an issue.

    Plus you are so pregs....

  4. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Eat whatever you want! Either you're fertile or you're not! I think you are fertile. I always thought I was fertile and it took me approximately 2 days to get pregnant. I didn't do anything differently in advance other than stop hormonal birth control about 6months ahead of time and take prenatal vitamins. I say wait at least a few months before you subject yourself to uncomfortable side effects for something that very well may have no impact. Plus full fat dairy + plus tiny bikini = ?...



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