Yum, I'm Stuffed

Thanksgiving dinner was freaking awesome. It was fairly laborious, but really that was just because the recipes were all new -- it's my first official Thanksgiving as the chef. I would highly recommending brining the turkey; ours came out insanely moist and juicy. Surprise hit of the meal? The gravy, which of course we completely made up as we went along. This'll show you what all that neurotic planning will do... winging it = often amazing results. I really need to remember this more often.

The apple-bacon stuffing was good, but not mind-blowing. I was kinda disappointed, but managed to shovel in ahem, three small helpings. :) I'm a trooper like that.

We made fresh whipped cream with vanilla and cinnamon for our pies: mine = pumpkin (a 6-inch little one from Whole Foods), and his = apple raisin pie, a regular sized one.

More pictures are here.

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope yours was happy and thankful.


  1. What a cozy dinner - very elegant. Looks like fun.

  2. Is that a candlestick/wine holder? And from whence did it come?

    Oh and Happy Thanksgiving... I'm glad you pulled it off with out a hitch.. looked great!!

  3. It's separate, but they're just positioned close together. They're both from Bed, Bath & Beyond -- type in nambe in the search engine (that's the brand name).



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