Would it bleed less with a knife?

I'm considering putting a plastic (yet biodegradable) fork through my eye I'm so bored. Really. And I ate so many vegetables at lunch I'm convinced my pants are actually going to split open.


  1. why all the boredom lately?

    I find maintaining a constant state of procrastination allows for unbearable stress to prevent boredom from ever setting in... you should try it! ;)

  2. Work is generally the most boring job I've ever had in my life; I'm a spaz and require an insane amount of activity to be not-bored. The procrastination is the *worst* when I'm this bored. I'll find one good nugget of work, and will put it off for days just so I can get that *rush* from waiting until the last minute. And I actually make lists for myself at night of things I can do at work, such as:
    1. Read wikipedia entry for Beverly Hills 90210.
    2. Check out new skirts from Banana Republic and Boden.
    3. Browse shoes at Target.
    4. Find something funny to blog about.

    Literally, the highlight of the day is shutting my computer down and going to the gym. This has *got* to change in the next few months!

  3. uggghhh
    yeah I do not miss working. I used to close my office and nap I would get so bored/so overwhelmed by undone paperwork! I really never have a chance to get really bored anymore since I've always got some rearin' to do!
    I was thinking of tagging you for this blog meme thing so you could start thinking of your 7 interesting things at work tomorrow... do you want me to link to you or do you not want extra traffic?
    if you are secretly fascinated by the "olden days"... and who isn't?.. go HERE tomorrow... I managed to spend an unseemly amount of time there this evening!

  4. Tag away and thanks! I shall visit the olden days blog manana -- it's on my to-do list!

  5. sounds like you're having a nice day.....uuuggggghhhhhh!!!!!

    I hope today is a little more interesting!


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