What a CRAP week

Maybe I'm just tired. Eating wise it was a really crappy week. I did work out Mon, Tues and Wed, so there's that. But the rest of it was fairly terrible. Not a full-scale giving in, but in general, eating like I was basically exhausted and stressed out. Cause I was. The effing hotel room was Sahara hot, the meetings were long and stressful and productive, but generally nerve wracking. The food choices were abysmal. I did my best 60% of the time. The rest I said eff it. So I had a shitty eating week. I did work out three of the four days I was there. Go me! I'm getting back on track this weekend with the eating, dammit.

I read a really amazing book called Eat, Pray, Love. Go out and get it right now. It's made me really think about yoga and meditation again.


  1. sorry your trip went so badly... here's a pick me up...(not really) Baby's name sounds exactly like your business trip locale!

    I saw the author of Eat, Pray, Love on Oprah a few weeks ago. I found the whole show fascinating...

  2. I had to travel this week too and it f'd up my eating. 10 hours of flying and all I got were chips. So I ate 2 bags. Then a big sandwich at 11pm. What the f?

    I just put that book on my Christmas list yesterday. Somebody better get it for me, or else.


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