They had an early bird special menu!!!!!!!

I ordered the 7 oz top sirloin, plain baked potato and garden salad with balsamic vin. on the side. I'm as boring as can be, yes, but dammit, I am hellbent on this. HELLBENT, I say. Well except for eating that cookie today; that was certainly not on the eat clean diet. Neither was the 9 oz of wine yesterday, but man my finger sure felt better until 2 a.m., when I woke up to it throbbing.

Anyway, when the food arrived, I cut my steak and potato in half and put them on the side plate. I ate slowly (no bread, no wine boooohooooo) and took the rest home for Peter! Hooray! He was happy too.

I busted ass on the treadmill tonight: 50 minutes of sheer hell and sweat. Victory is mine -- or um, will be mine!

Calories for today: 1578 (it's closer to 1600, I know. I'm still within my guidelines of 1500-1700, and I'm closer to 1500. Baby steps, ok?