We have found common ground: we have admitted fault, hugged it out, and had a good ol fashioned cry. The fact is we love each other dearly, just have stubborn streaks a mile long and independence-issues that fight towards things like, oh marriage and commitment and compromise. :)

I have to admit, I am writing heavily buzzed from my NINE ounces of wine I just drank, in an effort to quell the throbbing in my finger after dropping a 10 lb weight on it. I tried ice, to no avail; it hurt like hell. Pete said, would you like some alcohol? My fingernail is blue and pain shoots up to my elbow, so um yes, I'll take some wine. Good thing I measured it (and counted it, thankyouverymuch). I'm adopting Mrs. F's plan of counting calories, no matter what they are. I'm at 1345 and the night is young; I'm stopping at 1500. We'll see how it goes. And yes, that's pen mark next to my finger. I still get it all over my hands.

Thanks for all your comments today; fighting and intensity in relationships is all brand new to me, so it's scary as hell when it happens. It feels like the boat is capsizing at any moment... but it didn't. It's ok. Things aren't necessarily fixed, but we've got a plan in mind to move forward, and most of all, we're back to hugging. Yay hugging!


  1. Glad to hear things are better. Fights are a part of marriage, and unfortunately, sometimes they can be doozies! My DH and I have such different communication and conflict skills than anything I've known, so it is especially challenging.

    Hope your finger feels better!

  2. well.. since you are taking my advice I will admit that for 190 calories (for 12 bars) you can make the 1st version of the pumkin bars I sent you and add in 4 t choc chips (highly recommend this) and make a little icing (2T butter, 2T milk, 1 c powdered sugar) for the top! .. I've been eating them all day!

  3. that should read 4T not 4t.. what would be the point in that?
    also now that I've eaten like 10.. um I think no on the cranberries..just choc chips.. that would have been absolute best and saves you the cranberry calories!

  4. Oh chocolate chips... you are so delicious. And real butter... how I love you so.

    I ended at 1545 last night -- go me! Typically I eat right up to the edge of my calorie limit. I'm telling myself I can only have 1500 -- if I go over a little, I'm still within my range of 1500-1700. But I'm aiming for 1500!


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