This Week: A Progress Report

It's Friday, and woo-hoo. Here's my update for the week:

Weight Loss Data: My weight continues to fluctuate wildly from day to day; today it was 138! Yesterday, 137-something. Body fat also continues to fluctuate wildly: 30.5%-33.5%. Whatevs -- its lower than it was the previous week.

Exercise: I've exercised well this week, although I wouldn't recommend taking a day off early in the week; it has slowed my motivation. Yes even this lunatic has waning motivation from time to time. My pants are fitting better, my stomach flatter and I swear my saddlebags are shrinking, a feat I never imagined possible. I'm making myself do cardio today (that crazy hard routine I did the other day) while I'm already here (gym = office gym) and am driving over tomorrow morning to do arms/back and depending on how much coffee I have, possibly more cardio. Sunday is long cardio, possibly with Mrs. B. My pesky foot issue is threatening to come back, so I had to modify my routine last night. I'm still sore as hell today and had sweat pouring off me. Sweet.

Eating: Pretty clean, actually. I'm still on the high end of the calorie range, and am considering dropping a mere 100 calories next week to see what happens. This week starting on Wednesday, I moved my starchy carbs to during the day, and thus am off the carbs for dinner, which makes dinner extremely boring: meat + veggie. This week I also experimented with protein shakes, which didn't go so well. I've decided that Mexican Meatloaf -the most amazing thing ever - is good enough. It has roughly the same breakdown of calories/fat/carbs/protein. So there.

Work: I'm getting mad props for my work this week, which is good! Next week I go to Charlotte for the reckoning/meeting with new boss' boss to hear about how he'll probably reorganize us. I'm 98% sure my job is safe. I'm also meeting with another company next week (not in Charlotte) to talk about working for them. I'm not saying much because I don't to get my hopes up and jinx it.

That is all! Have a great weekend!


  1. Overall, sounds like a good week.

    I'm not a shake person either. I think they are way too many calories for something to drink. I prefer to EAT my calories (unless it's wine/martinis, then I'll drink them).

    My favorite post drink is chocolate soy milk.

  2. Ooooo good tip! I'm lactose intol. so the shake experiment was fairly icky. :)

    Soy, I could do!

  3. what's your bmi that's the magic number if it's under or near to 25 then give it up and enjoy life.... says a lifelong committed food neurotic!!!


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