This Man

I am so proud of this man. He has been working like a DOG on the second deadline for the Michelin Design Challenge. He's a finalist, and his deadline is today. He didn't come to bed last night, and was his normal happy sweet self this morning, and alarmingly, looked just as alert as he does any other day. How does he do it?

Anyway, I'm really really proud of this man. He's headed to LA next week to network his hot butt off at the auto show. Good things are bound to come. Yay Peter!


  1. all that and he's Norwegian!

    what does he do? I've got a strong connection at Car & Driver Magazine.

  2. oh and this is a GREAT picture!

  3. It's true. I got lucky, what can I say?

    He's an automotive designer. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!


  4. interesting... well I see my connection tomorrow... I'll mention it and see what he has to say...

  5. whew, and he's hot too!


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