But of course, right? The prime rib came out *perfect* -- medium rare. The red wine sauce -- eh. The fresh thyme added a nice touch, but I thought the sauce would be more of a reduction/sticky sauce, not a SAUCEY sauce. I didn't read the recipe prior to actually making it (mistake), and didn't realize that it called for whole milk, even though I obviously realized this since I went out and bought whole milk. I was disappointed but everyone else thought it was awesome.

Which brings me to MY highlight of the meal: the danish blue cheese we set out for hors deouvres. Dammit, I almost put the whole wedge in my mouth. I got these killer rosemary and herb crackers from safeway, and I literally was almost face down in the plate. Blue cheese & apple slices, and how about a lovely plump date with that blue cheese? In essence, it was RIDICULOUS. Thank god I didn't eat that much at dinner -- the hors deouvres ROCKED. However, you know about my affinity for all-things-dairy. You know that if I indulge, it is the *quickest* route to the rankest, most terrible GI events. Yet I could not help myself.

And I should say something here about our guests (who don't read this blog, btw): they're the greatest. They are our funniest friends and I really can be myself around them. Pete too. At one point during the meal my boob brushed the salt shaker, and I announced that I had "boobed" the salt. Then Pete asked for the salt, to which I commented that I should associate everything with boobs from now on, given his tendency to succumb to the power of suggestion. We joked about the household chores I could "boob," such as the trash, to make them more appealing. OK, so back to the meal. It was awesome. Dessert was chocolate molten lava cakes from the Safeway froszen aisle, who knew? With more dairy -- look, I'm weak, ok? It was slow-churned vanilla bean. With fresh strawberries from the farmer's market. It was kickass.

The night ended with Pete giving me a replacement to the ipod he lost in September. This is noteworthy because we had a heated discussion the night before about when he was going to replace the friggin ipod and really, it had been two months, and blah blah blah. And that man didn't tell me to shut up, as he should have. He was his wonderful, patient self. This man is just SO loving.


  1. YUM! I am all about the blue cheese. I could writhe naked in it and be in heaven.

    Dang, a little notice and I could have been there in 3 1/2-4 hours!

  2. I could live on cheese alone. As a matter of fact, I'm sure I did for a period of time.

  3. Oh man...that sounds SO good!


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